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Exploring Public Sector Strategy

Paperback Engels 2000 9780273646877
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Exploring Public Sector Strategy

The public sector in many countries remains a major sector of the economy in terms of both employment and provision of services. But in the last 15 years it has undergone a revolution in structure, performance and management thinking. Exploring Public Sector Strategy, the latest book in the Exploring Corporate Strategy series, explores how strategic management theory and practice is applicable to public sector organisations.

Designed to complement and extend the ideas in Johnson and Scholes’ Exploring Corporate Strategy, leading contributors explore the critical issues in strategy as applied to the public sector. In turn they also demonstrate what strategic managers in other sectors can learn from the public sector.

In addition to providing a comprehensive treatment of this area, the book:
Provides a wealth of public sector examples for use in teaching
Is fully up-to-date with changes in the sector, including the best value Initiative, clinical governance and the impact of information technology
Has an international focus with an entire chapter devoted to the important topic of global influences on the public sector.

Contributing authors include: John Alford, Nardine Collier, Frank Fishwick, Jan Eppink, Steven de Waal, Ray Puffitt, Les Prince, Simon Speller, Mik Wisniewski, David Herbert, Kevan Scholes, Eleanor Doyle, Richard Butler, Jaz Gill, Sandra Hill, Barbara Harrington, Kevin McLoughlin, Duncan Riddell, John McAuley, Tom Forbes and Gerry Johnson.


Uitgever:Pearson Education


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<p>1. The implications of 'publicness' for strategic management theory., John Alford <br>2. The processes of strategy development in the public sector, Nardine Collier, Frank Fishwick &amp; Gerry Johnson <br>3. Global influences on the public sector, Jan Eppink &amp; Steven de Waal <br>4. Trust and distrust in regulation and enforcement, Ray Puffitt &amp; Les Prince <br>5. Measuring up to the best: A manager's guide to benchmarking, Mik Wisnieski <br>6. The best value initiative, Simon Speller <br>7. Clinical governance, David Herbert <br>8. The Maslin Multi-Dimensional Matrix: A new tool to aid strategic decision making in the public sector, Les Prince &amp; Ray Puffitt <br>9. Stakeholder mapping: A practical tool for public sector managers, Kevan Scholes <br>10. Implications of ownership for strategy: The example of commercial semi-state bodies in Ireland, Eleanor Doyle <br>11. Formation and control of public-private partnerships: A stakeholder approach, Richard Butler &amp; Jaz Gill <br>12. Public sector partnerships and public/voluntary sector partnerships: The Scottish experience, Sandra Hill <br>13. Strategy and structures in the public sector, Kevan Scholes <br>14. The relationship between quality, approaches to management control, and the achievement of best value in public sector professionals service organisations, Barbara Harrington, Kevin McLoughlin &amp; Duncan Riddell <br>15. Business process re-engineering in the public sector: A case study of the Contributions Agency, John McAuley <br>16. Devolution and control within the UK public sector: National Health Service Trusts, Tom Forbes <br>17. Mapping and re-mapping organisational culture: A local government example, Gerry Johnson <br>Index</p>

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        Exploring Public Sector Strategy