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Cases in Operations Management

Paperback Engels 2002 9780273655312
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The third edition of this highly successful case book has been expanded and updated to reflect the increasing reliance upon comprehensive case material in the teaching of operations management. The text begins with an introduction to analysing operations management cases. Each of the subsequent parts deals with a key area of operations management and begins with an expanded introduction, allowing the book to serve as a stand alone text for introductory operations management courses.Features:Structure of the case book reflects that of the companion text, Operations Management, third edition, by Slack, Chambers and Johnston Contains over 50 cases. Includes coverage of new areas such as: operations strategy, interactive design, simultaneous engineering, supply chain reengineering, performance measurement, and TPM Includes short, one and two page, cases There is a Further Reading section in each part and every case study contains a Questions section The book is supported by an Instructor's ManualThe author team

Robert Johnston

is Professor of Operations Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Stuart Chambers is Lecturer in Operations Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Christine Harland

is Professor of Supply Strategy, Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing & Supply, School of Management, University of Bath

Alan Harrison

is Professor of Operations and Logistics and Director of Research, Cranfield Centre for Logistics & Transportation, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University

Nigel Slack

is Professor of Operations Strategy, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick


Uitgever:Pearson Education


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Introduction to Operations Management Case Analysis 
PART I. Operations Management
Case 1. Birmingham International Airport, Robert Johnston 
Case 2. Hogsmeadow Garden Centre, Alan Betts 
Case 3. A Day in the Life of Frederic Godé,  Operations Manager, BonPain, Orleans, France, Stuart Chambers 
Case 4. Wace Burgess, Stuart Chambers and Tammy Helander 
Case 5. Concept Design Services, Stuart Chambers and Nigel Slack 

PART II. Operations Strategy 
Case 6. New Supply Chain Strategies at Old M&S,  Alan Harrison and Jane Pavitt 
Case 7. The Norrkoping Plant (A), Nigel Slack 
Case 8. The Norrkoping Plant (B), Nigel Slack 
Case 9. Jossey Menswear - the Supply Chain Project, Nigel Slack 
Case 10. Indian Metals Corporation, Sara Mountney, Kenneth Work and Stuart Chambers 

PART III. Design 
Case 11. Cadbury World: Ten Years of Improvements, Stuart Chambers, Mark Robinson, and Adam Bates 
Case 12. The Development of the Hovis Crusty White Loaf,
Adrian Watt and Stuart Chambers 
Case 13. Campaign Planning for ‘Red Nose Day’, Alan Harrison and Jane Pavitt 
Case 14. Cartes sans Frontières, Alan Harrison 
Case 15. The Reltex Project, Nigel Slack 
Case 16. Benetton Group: The evolution of a network to face global competition, Arnaldo Camuffo, Pietro Romano and Andrea Vinelli 
Case 17. Boys and Boden (A), Stuart Chambers 
Case 18. Boys and Boden (B), Stuart Chambers 
Case 19. Cadbury Ltd, Stuart Chambers 
Case 20. RAC Motoring Services, Stuart Chambers 
Case 21. Denby Constabulary, Andrew Greasley 

PART IV. Planning and Control 
Case 22. AEB Mortgage Services, Nigel Slack 
Case 23. I’ll Phone You Back!, Roy Staughton and Stuart Chambers 
Case 24. Holly Farm, Stuart Chambers 
Case 25. Ice House Toys, Graham Whittington and Stuart Chambers 
Case 26. Fresh Salads Ltd: The Iceberg Lettuce Harvest, Stuart Chambers 
Case 27. Mandexor Memory, Nigel Slack 
Case 28. Peas, Stuart Chambers and Tammy Helander 
Case 29. Thompson Telescopes Ltd, Alan Harrison 
Case 30. WFA (Water for Africa), Robert Johnston 
Case 31. Aylesbury Pressings, John Bicheno 
Case 32. The Royal Navy: JIT Based Ship Spares Provisioning, Alan Fowler 

PART V. Supply Networking 
Case 33. The SMART Car and Smart Logistics, Remko van Hoek and Alan Harrison 
Case 34. Chicken Run - the poultry supply chain, Stephan van Dijk, Jack van der Vorst and Adrie Beulens 
Case 35. Marsden Community Stores, Keith Moreton 
Case 36. Supply Chain Relationships: Wheatco Ltd and Chemco Ltd (A), Marie Koulikoff-Souviron, Alan Harrison and Jaques Colin 
Case 37. Supply Chain Relationships: Wheatco Ltd and Chemco Ltd (B), Marie Koulikoff-Souviron, Alan Harrison and Jaques Colin 
Case 38. Supply Chain Redesign at Finnforest Corp, Paul Chapman, Vinod Tayil and Alan Harrison 
Case 39. e-Commerce in the NHS, Roxanne Sutton, Eric Jackson and Christine Harland 
Case 40. NHS Supplies - Supply for the National Health Service:
Christine Harland, Roxanne Sutton, Terry Hunt 

PART VI. Quality Planning and Control
Case 41. Smithy’s Brewery, Robert Johnston 
Case 42. Executive Holloware, Kevan Scholes 
Case 43. Valley District Council Cleansing Services, John Bicheno and Alan Harrison 
Case 44. Sun Products Company, Alan Harrison 
Case 45. Fastflowers.com, Robert Johnston 

PART VII. Improvement 
Case 46. Newtown Customer Service Centre, Carole Driver 
Case 47. Prye, Byll and Runne, Robert Johnston 
Case 48. Bristol & West Building Society, Robert Johnston 
Case 49. London Zoo, Adrian Watt and Stuart Chambers 
Case 50. Bulmers Cider, Stuart Chambers 
Case 51. TPM at Filmco UK, Alan Harrison 
Case 52. Eurocamp Travel, Stuart Chambers and Jim Crew 
Case 53. E-Cab, Stuart Chambers  

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        Cases in Operations Management