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Programming Java 2 Micro Edition on Symbian OS

A Developer's Guide to MIDP 2.0

Paperback Engels 2004 9780470092231
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Symbian OS is the advanced customisable operating system licensed by the world's leading mobile phone manufactorers. It is designed for the specific requirements of advanced 2.5G and 3G mobile phones and including a robust multitasking kernel, integrated telephony support, communications protocols, data management, advanced graphics support, a low-level graphical user interface framework and a variety of application engines.

'Programming Java 2 Micro Edition on Symbian OS' is based on the experience of expert Symbian engineers and focuses on developing applications for real devices running Symbian OS. This book provides the most comprehensive developer guide yet for the most advanced mobile Java environment available: Java MIDP 2.0 on Symbian OS.

This book provides an overview of Java MIPD 1.0 and - using the world's first MIPD 2.0 phone- the platform enhancements developers can exploit in the coming wave of Java MIPD 2.0 based smartphones. With in- depth case studies and ample code throughout, it equips developers with the knowledge they need to fully exploit the powerful applications platform Symbian OS provides.

The elegant, powerful architecture of Symbian OS is optimised for the mobile environment. Wheter you are developing applications and services for currently available mobile phones, or involved in premarket mobile phone development. This book will give you an understanding of the fundamental theory behind developing Java application for Symbian OS phones.


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About This Book.
Author Biographies.
Author's Acknowledgements.
Symbian Press Acknowledgements.
Innovation through Openness.

Section 1: J2ME and MIDP.
1. Introduction to J2ME.
2. Getting Started.
3. MIDP 2.0 and JTWI.
4. Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology.
5. MIDP 2.0 Case Studies.

Section 2: Writing Quality Code for Smartphones.
6. Making Your Code Portable.
7. Writing Optimized Code.

Section 3: The Evolution of the Wireless Java Market.
8. The Market, the Opportunities and Symbian's Plans.

Appendix 1: CLDC Core Libraries.
Appendix 2: MIDP Libraries.
Appendix 3: Using the Wireless Toolkit Tools at the Command Line.
Appendix 4: Developer Resources and Bibliography.
Appendix 5: Specifications of Symbiam OS Phones.


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        Programming Java 2 Micro Edition on Symbian OS