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Programming in Cobol/400 2nd Edition

Paperback Engels 2002 9780471418467
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A revision of the only COBOL text to focus on COBOL/400 as used on AS/400 and iSeries Server platforms, PROGRAMMING IN COBOL/400, SECOND EDITION emphasizes developing strong design and programming techniques as well as mastering COBOL/400. The new edition features expanded coverage of ILE COBOL and subfiles, and all program dates and database data fields are Y2K compliant.

Whether you are an experienced programmer acquiring a new language or never have programmed before, PROGRAMMING IN COBOL/400 will help you:

- Design COBOL/400 programs that are easy to read, debug, modify, and maintain.
- Understand the theory and the practice behind writing COBOL/400 programs. The authors blend theory, practical case problems, and working examples in each chapter, so you see how COBOL/400 works from all angles.
- Complete structured programming examples that you can use. Every chapter of PROGRAMMING IN COBOL/400 includes complete programming in their entirety that you can use as a guide in developing your own applications.
- Practice programming. PROGRAMMING IN COBOL/400 includes a wealth of practice problems, ranging from basic definitions and short answers to larger problems that teach you to write structured programs in their entirety. Check your work on selected problems and programs against answers in the Appendices.


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1. Physical Files.
2. An Introduction to Programming in OBOL/400.
3. Defining Files and Processing Data.
4. Printing Reports.
5. Designing Structured Programs.
6. Moving Data and Text Manipulation.
7. Computing in COBOL: The Arithmetic Verbs.
8. Decision-Making Using the IF and EVALUATE Statements.
9. Iteration: Beyond the Basic PERFORM.
10. The COPY and CALL Statements.
11. Logical Files.
12. Control Break Processing.
13. Random File Access for Keyed Files.
14. Interactive Programming.
15. Single-Level Arrays and Tables.
16. Multiple-Level Arrays and Tables.
17. Subfile Programming.

Appendix A: The 5250 Keyboard.
Appendix B: COBOL Character Set and Reserved Words.
Appendix C: CRTBNDCBL Command and PROCESS Statement.

Additional chapters available from the Programming in COBOL/400 web site
18. Working in the iSeries Programming Environment.
19. Externally Described Printer Files.
20. Sorting and Merging.

Appendix D: Differences Between COBOL 74 and COBOL 85.
Appendix E: Solutions to Chapter self-test Questions.
Appendix F: Glossary

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        Programming in Cobol/400 2nd Edition