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Java Management Extensions

Managing Java Applications with JMX

Paperback Engels 2002 9780596002459
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'Java Management Extensions' is a practical, hands-on guide to using the JMX APIs, Sun Microsystem's new Java-based tool for managing enterprise applications. This one-of-a kind book is a complete treatment of the JMX architecture (both the instrumentation level and the agent level), and it's loaded with real-world examples for implementing Management Extensions. It also contains useful information at the higher level about JMX (the 'big picture') to help technical managers and architects who are evaluating various application management approaches and are considering JMX.

The JMX technology is very new, and according to Steve, still has a few 'potholes' in it. This book takes developers through it step by step, pointing out the "gotchas" before they have a chance to trip up smooth operation of the application. The author, a member of the expert group developing the JMX specification, points out that as J2EE becomes more widely adopted, the Java standard for management (JMX) becomes more and more crucial to avoid "splinter standards" where each vendor has their own distinct, arguably successful, way of doing things. 'In my own company we have already identified and are tackling the problem of managing our Java applications. It's my belief that other companies will follow, as they come to realize the power that a standard manageability solution (ie, JMX) gives them.'


Aantal pagina's:300
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. Java Management Extensions Concepts
Introducing JMX
JMX Architecture
The Sample Producer/Consumer Application
2. Standard MBeans
What Is a Management Interface?
How Do Standard MBeans Work?
Downloading and Installing the JMX Reference Implementation
3. Dynamic MBeans
Why Use Dynamic MBeans?
How Do Dynamic MBeans Work?
Dynamic MBean Inheritance Patterns
4. Model MBeans
Why Use Model MBeans?
How Do Model MBeans Work?
Instrumenting Resources as Model MBeans
5. Open MBeans
Open MBean Types
Open MBean Metadata Classes
6. The MBean Server
What Is the MBean Server?
Obtaining a Reference to the MBean Server
The MBeanServer Interface
Controlling MBean Registration
7. JMX Notifications
The JMX Notification Model
JMX Notification Classes and Interfaces
8. Dynamic Loading
How Does Dynamic Loading Work?
9. The Monitoring Services
The MonitorNotification Class
Counter Monitors
Gauge Monitors
String Monitors
Other Issues
10. The Timer Service
The Timer Class
Using the Timer Service
11. The Relation Service
The Basic Relation Service Classes
Using the Relation Service
Using the Relation Service Support Classes
Modifying a Role


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