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ISE Business Research Methods

Paperback Engels 2018 9781260091861
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The Thirteenth Edition of Business Research Methods reflects a thoughtful revision of a market standard. Students and professors will find thorough and current coverage of all business research topics presented with a balance of theory and practical application. The authors use managerial decision-making as the theme of Business Research Methods and they provide the content and structure to ensure students' grasp of the business research function. This textbook also encourages and supports the completion of an in-depth business research project, if desired, by the professor.


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Hoofdrubriek:Algemeen management


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Part 1: Build the Foundation for Business Research

-Chapter 1 Research Foundations and Fundamentals
-Chapter 2 The Research Process: An Overview
-Chapter 3 Stage 1: Clarify the Research Question

Part 2: The Design of Business Research

-Chapter 4 Research Design: An Overview
-Chapter 5 Stage 2: Sampling Design
-Chapter 6 Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Qualitative Research
-Chapter 7 Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Observation Research
-Chapter 8 Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Experiments
-Chapter 9 Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Survey Research

Part 3: Measurement

-Chapter 10: Stage 3: Measurement Foundations
-Chapter 11: Stage 3: Measurement Questions
-Chapter 12: Stage 3: Measurement Instruments

Part 4: Collect, Prepare, and Examine Data

-Chapter 13: Stage 3: Collect, Prepare, and Examine Data

Part 5: Analyze and Interpret Data

-Chapter 14: Stage 4: Hypothesis Testing
-Chapter 15: Stage 4: Measures of Association

Part 6: Report the Research

-Chapter 16: Stage 5: Research Reports: Supported Insights and Recommendations

Part 7: Research Project Overview

-Chapter 17: An Integrated Example.


-A: Business Research Proposals and RFPs
-B: Focus Group Discussion Guide
-C: Nonparametric Significance Tests
-D: Selected Statistical Tables

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        ISE Business Research Methods