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Paperback Engels 2020 9781260575644
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Robert Frank's Microeconomics and Behavior covers the essential topics of microeconomics while exploring the relationship between economic analysis and human behavior. Core analytical tools are embedded in a uniquely diverse collection of examples and applications to illuminate the power and versatility of the economic way of thinking. Students are encouraged to become “Economic Naturalists” who see the mundane details of ordinary existence in a sharp new light. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.


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Part 1: Introduction1. Thinking Like an Economist 2. Supply and Demand Appendix: How Do Taxes Affect Equilibrium Prices and Quantities?Part 2: The Theory of Consumer Behavior3. Rational Consumer ChoiceAppendix: The Utility Function Approach to the Consumer Budgeting Problem4. Individual and Market DemandAppendix: Additional Topics in Demand Theory5. Applications of Rational Choice and Demand Theories 6. The Economics of Information and Choice Under UncertaintyAppendix: Search Theory and the Winner’s Curse7. Departures from Standard Rational Choice Models (with and without Regret)Part 3: The Theory of the Firm and Market Structure 8. Production Appendix: Mathematical Extensions of Production Theory9. Costs Appendix: Mathematical Extensions of the Theory of Costs 10. Perfect Competition 11. Monopoly 12. A Game-Theoretic Approach to Strategic Behavior13. Oligopoly and Monopolistic CompetitionPart 4: Factor Markets14. Labor Appendix: The Economics of Workplace Safety15. CapitalAppendix: A More Detailed Look at Exhaustible Resource AllocationPart 5: General Equilibrium and Welfare16. Externalities, Property Rights, and the Coase Theorem 17. General Equilibrium and Market Efficiency18. GovernmentWeb Chapter: Explaining Tastes: The Importance of Altruism and Other Nonegoistic Behavior

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