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Attractors for infinite-dimensional non-autonomous dynamical systems

Paperback Engels 2014 9781489991768
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The book treats the theory of attractors for non-autonomous dynamical systems. The aim of the book is to give a coherent account of the current state of the theory, using the framework of processes to impose the minimum of restrictions on the nature of the non-autonomous dependence.

The book is intended as an up-to-date summary of the field, but much of it will be accessible to beginning graduate students. Clear indications will be given as to which material is fundamental and which is more advanced, so that those new to the area can quickly obtain an overview, while those already involved can pursue the topics we cover more deeply.


Aantal pagina's:412
Uitgever:Springer New York
Hoofdrubriek:Wetenschap en techniek,


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The pullback attractor.- Existence results for pullback attractors.- Continuity of attractors.- Finite-dimensional attractors.- Gradient semigroups and their dynamical properties.- Semilinear Differential Equations.- Exponential dichotomies.- Hyperbolic solutions and their stable and unstable manifolds.- A non-autonomous competitive Lotka-Volterra system.- Delay differential equations.-The Navier–Stokes equations with non-autonomous forcing.-  Applications to parabolic problems.- A non-autonomous Chafee–Infante equation.- Perturbation of diffusion and continuity of attractors with rate.- A non-autonomous damped wave equation.- References.- Index.-

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        Attractors for infinite-dimensional non-autonomous dynamical systems