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Zen and the Art of Information Security

Paperback Engels 2007 9781597491686
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While security is generally perceived to be a complicated and expensive process, 'Zen and the Art of Information Security' makes security understandable to the average person in a completely non-technical, concise, and entertaining format. Through the use of analogies and just plain common sense, readers see through the hype and become comfortable taking very simple actions to secure themselves.

Even highly technical people have misperceptions about security concerns and will also benefit from Ira Winkler's experiences making security understandable to the business world. Mr. Winkler is one of the most popular and highly rated speakers in the field of security, and lectures to tens of thousands of people a year.

'Zen and the Art of Information Security' is based on one of his most well received international presentations.

Buy this book if you:
- Are looking for a book that describes how to approach security in unique and timeless ways
- Want to understand security technologies and apply them in real-world settings
- Want to simplify the most complicated issues down to their fundamental principles
- Dislike me and want to micro analyze every word to find errors

DON't buy this book if you:
- Are looking for a book that discusses securing the latest technology
- Are looking for a book that present complicated discussions of the latest security issues
- Believe that the size of a book indicates its value
- Don't like analogies.


Aantal pagina's:158
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Why you shouldn't buy this book

1. Zen and the art of Cybersecurity
2. Why I don't like the title of this book
3. What is security?
4. A bad question
5. What makes a master
6. Knight and dragons
7. Cyberterrorism is not effective
8. Common sense and common knowledge
9. Never underestimate the stupidity of a criminal
10. Information security is INFORMATION security
12. If you don't remember history you will repeat it
13. Ira's golden rules
14. Chance favors the prepared

Appendix A: Critical moments in computer security history


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        Zen and the Art of Information Security