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E-Commerce Agents

Marketplace Solutions, Security Issues, and Supply and Demand

Paperback Engels 2001 9783540419341
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Among the many changes brought by the Internet is the emergence of electronic commerce over the Web. E-commerce activities, such as the online exchange of information, services, and products, are opening up completely new opportunities for business, at new levels of productivity and profitability. In parallel with the emergence of e-commerce, intelligent software agents as entities capable of independent action in open, unpredictable environments have matured into a promising new technology. Quite naturally, e-commerce agents hold great promise for exploiting the Internet's full potential as an electronic marketplace. The 20 coherently written chapters in this book by leading researchers and professionals present the state of the art in agent-mediated e-commerce. Researchers, professionals, and advanced students interested in e-commerce or agent technology will find this book an indispensable source of information and reference.


Aantal pagina's:350
Uitgever:Springer Berlin Heidelberg


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to E-Commerce Agents: Marketplace Marketplace Solutions, Security Issues, and Supply and Demand.- to E-Commerce Agents: Marketplace Marketplace Solutions, Security Issues, and Supply and Demand.- Marketplace Solutions.- A Generalized Platform for the Specification, Valuation, and Brokering of Heterogeneous Resources in Electronic Markets.- Economics of Dynamic Pricing in a Reputation Brokered Agent Mediated Marketplace.- An Electronic Marketplace Architecture Based on Technology of Intelligent Agents and Knowledge.- Modelling Broker Agents in Electronic Commerce of Multimedia Products and Services.- A Brokering Protocol for Electronic Trading.- Price Formation in Double Auctions.- Negotiating Agents in Manufacturing Decision Making Processes.- Evaluating Resource Bundle Derivatives for Multi-agent Negotiation of Resource Allocation.- Security Issues.- Conversational Speech Biometrics.- Secure Communication for Secure Agent-Based Electronic Commerce Applications.- MA/LMA Architecture for Dealing with Malicious Agents in Agent-Mediated Electronic Markets.- Secure Mobile Agent Digital Signatures with Proxy Certificates.- Agent-Mediated Secure Electronic Transaction for Online Interdependent Purchases.- An Agent-Based Micropayment System for E-Commerce.- Security Issues in M—Commerce: A Usage—Based Taxonomy.- Supply and Demand.- Towards Distributed Workflow Enactment with Itineraries and Mobile Agent Management.- Enterprise Federation and Its Multi-agent Modelization.- User-Centered Agents for Structured Information Location.- Using a Speech Technology Agent as an Interface for E-Commerce.

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        E-Commerce Agents