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The future of shopping

Where Everyone is a Retailer

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2018 9789401447294
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- How will people shop in the future?
- Why are there so many bankruptcies in the retail sector and so many empty shops in our high streets?
- What can brands and retailers do to survive?

Traditional retail is dead. Economic, demographic and above all technological developments have made it obsolete. The static shop has made way for a multiplicity of different retail forms. Thanks to digitalization, the world has become a single gigantic marketplace.

As a result of this revolution, a new type of consumer has been born, who is also producer and retailer. Today, it is the shoppers who determine what a brand stands for and how it presents itself to the public. In a world of change, everything needs to be reinvented.


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Over Jorg Snoeck

Jorg Snoeck is oprichter van RetailDetail, het leidende communicatie- en netwerkplatform voor retail- en FMCG-professionals in de Benelux, en bezieler van het kenniscentrum Home of Retail, waar je het winkelen van de toekomst zelf kunt beleven.

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Over Pauline Neerman

Pauline Neerman is hoofdredacteur bij RetailDetail. Samen met Jorg Snoeck heeft ze als missie het gemeenschappelijk brein in de tumultueuze retailsector te vergroten, zodat meer mensen met liefde voor het vak kunnen (blijven) ondernemen.

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Retail has a permanent new face

New game, new rules
-Welcome to the new consumer
-From push to pull
-Retail is everywhere – and everything
-What the hell happened?
-Retail 2.0: the glory years of mass consumption
-Retail 3.0: the pre- and post-Amazon era
-Retail 4.0: at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution

‘Future of the Consumer’: demographic shifts – or earthquakes
-The new normal
-The clash of generations
-The shopper of the future is multi-coloured
-Polarization of the extremities
-Transparency and sustainability: the new prerequisites

‘Future of Technology’: all things internet
-E-commerce vs. omnichannel: the battle is already won
-Big data leads to Me-tail
-The internet of all things
-Robots behind the scenes – and in front
-‘The Future of Payments’: payments in the near future
-Blockchain, the platfom killer

‘Future of the Store’: experience has many meanings
-Do we still need shops?
-Choosing between faster and slower
-Give shoppers the ultimate experience
-Phygital, live or omnichannel: it’s all retail
-Smart cities work hand in hand with retail

‘Future of Retail’: to each their niche
-New businesses are rising from the ashes
-The service retailer
-‘The Future of Marketing’: made-to-measure at micro-level
-‘The Future of Supply Chain’: the challenge of efficient delivery

‘Future of the Supermarket’: will the supermarket survive the 21st century?
-The end of the lowest price?
-FMCG finally online?
-What will the supermarket of tomorrow look like?
-What will the supermarket of tomorrow sell?

Everyone is a retailer
-The new customer journey
-The new service package of retail
-Trust is precious
-New business models for the future
-Making the shopping experience truly relevant
-Every one is a retailer… and so are we!

A final word

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        The future of shopping