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50 Do’s & Don’ts for successful business networking

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2016 9789461851482
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50 Do’s and Don’ts for successful business networking. By Rob B. Tol: Dutch Networker of the Year.

We live in a society that is networked both online and offline. With this book you learn to network in a way that you are more targeted and have more fun because you achieve:
- Recommendations
- Potential customers
- Lower acquisition costs
- New business relationships
- No time wasted on inefficient networks

How simple it can be: permeate the tips and … do some at once!

This book provides a pragmatic overview of what you should or should not do to be successful in business networking. Sometimes they are just clichés on wall tiles. But do you practice them? You don’t have to practice all of them to be successful. Select the one’s which fit you the most! The book includes also 50 questions to assess yourself, how efficiently you network!

Wyne Baker Professor of Sociology Michigan Ross School of Business quotes in this book: 'If you built the right network, you get the help you need when you need it'

Through running his marketing-communication consulting business, Rob Tol has more than fifteen years’ experience working on strategy, positioning and profiling in business and government markets. For many years he worked at ABB and Siemens. He founded the Networking Academy in 2009 and gives presentations, workshops, master classes, and training sessions focused on successful business networking.


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Over Rob B. Tol

Met zijn kennis en jarenlange ervaring bij ABB en Siemens, legt Tol de noodzakelijke verbindingen tussen mensen. Met zijn marketingcommunicatiebureau in Capelle a/d IJssel zorgt hij dat de communicatie als tweerichtingsverkeer gaat stromen binnen organisaties, tussen medewerkers onderling en tussen hun doelgroepen. Via NetwerkAcademie te Rotterdam verspreidt hij zijn kennis en ervaring door middel van boeken, workshops, masterclasses en trainingen voor professionals. Zoals bij: Avantage, Dura Vermeer, E&Y, Gemeente Rotterdam, GMB, Hogeschool Rotterdam, MKB Nederland, NoVAA, Rabobank, Strukton, Vialis, Volker Wessels, UWV en diverse Businessclubs.

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The 50 Do’s of networking

Be aware of what you can do:
1. Start by giving
2. Networking is mutual
3. Maintain a good personal standing
4. Content, processes and relationships
5. Offer to help
6. Be socially competent
7. Listen closely
8. Let others express themselves
9. Be respectful
10. Understand what people mean
11. Communicate
12. Show real interest
13. Give compliments
14. Be yourself
15. Listen to your intuition
16. Think long term
17. Maintain your network
18. Network even when busy
19. Keep in touch
20. Ask questions
21. Know what you want
22. Present yourself
23. Be confident
24. Empathise with others
25. Connect people
26. Have broad interests
27. Keep your word
28. Be honest
29. Thank people
30. Pass on an invitation
31. Find common interests
32. Have fun
33. Network on several levels
34. Make sure you know more
35. Prepare for visits
36. Keep secretaries as friends
37. Be active in a club
38. Sow thoughtfully
39. Network proactively
40. Make use of your network
41. Organise an event
42. Be consciously present at events
43. Have your elevator pitch ready
44. Attention to business cards
45. Expand your network
46. Organise your network
47. Network with the press
48. Be a chameleo
49. Use social media systematically
50. Create a network plan

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        50 Do’s & Don’ts for successful business networking