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Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes

Gebonden Engels 2020 9789811559501
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This book gathers selected papers presented at the International Conference on Advances in Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes, held at CMS College, Kerala, India, on 7–10 January 2019. It showcases high-quality research conducted in the field of applied probability and stochastic processes by focusing on techniques for the modelling and analysis of systems evolving with time. Further, it discusses the applications of stochastic modelling in queuing theory, reliability, inventory, financial mathematics, operations research, and more. This book is intended for a broad audience, ranging from researchers interested in applied probability, stochastic modelling with reference to queuing theory, inventory, and reliability, to those working in industries such as communication and computer networks, distributed information systems, next-generation communication systems, intelligent transportation networks, and financial markets.


Uitgever:Springer Singapore


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Hermann Thorisson, Shift-Coupling and Maximality.- Ashok Krishnan K. S, Vinod Sharma, Diffusion Approximation Analysis of Multihop Wireless Networks: Quality of Service and Convergence of Stationary Distribution.- Liu Mei, Alexander Dudin, Analysis of Retrial Queue with Heterogeneous Servers and Markovian Arrival Process.- Krishna B. Athreya, What is Standard Brownian Motion?.- Srinivas R. Chakravarthy, Busy Period Analysis of multi-server retrial queueing systems.- Alexander Rumyantsev, Garimella Rama Murthy, Steady State and Transient Analysis of a Single Channel Cognitive Radio Model with Impatience and Balking.- Shruti Kapoor, S. Dharmaraja, Applications of Fluid Queues in Rechargeable Batteries.- Souvik Ghosh, A. D. Banik, M. L. Chaudhry, Analysis of BMAP/R/1 Queues under Gated–limited Service with the Server’s Single Vacation Policy.- G. Arivarignan, M. Keerthana, B. Sivakumar, A Production Inventory System with Renewal and Retrial Demands.- U. C. Gupta, Nitin Kumar, F. P. Barbhuiya, A Queueing System with Batch Renewal Input and Negative Arrivals.- Ekaterina Fedorova, Anatoly Nazarov, Alexander Moiseev, Asymptotic Analysis Methods for Multi-sever Retrial Queueing Systems.- Ekaterina Lisovskaya, Michele Pagano, On the Application of Dynamic Screening Method to Resource Queueing System with Infinite Servers.- Ari Arapostathis, Vivek S. Borkar, Controlled Versions of the Collatz–Wielandt and Donsker–Varadhan Formulae.- Malini S, DhanyaShajin, An (s, S) Production Inventory System with State Dependent Production Rate and Lost Sales.- Dibu A. S., M. J. Jacob, Analysis of a MAP Risk Model with Stochastic Incomes, Inter-Dependent Phase-Type Claims and a Constant Barrier.- Salini S.  Nair, K. P. Jose, A PH Distributed Production Inventory Model with Different Modes of Service and Map Arrivals.- Kavya P., M.  Manoharan, On a Generalized Lifetime Model Using DUS Transformation.- V. P. Praveen, M. Manoharan, Analysis of Inventory Control Model for Items Having General Deterioration Rate.- A. Krishnamoorthy, V. Divya, A Two-Server Queueing System with Processing of Service Items by a Sever.- SinuLal T. S, A. Krishnamoorthy, V. C. Joshua, Vladimir Vishnevsky, A Two Stage Tandem Queue with Specialist Servers.- Jomy Punalal, S. Babu, Retrial Queueing System with Self-Generation of Priorities and Customer Induced Interruption.- D. Kannan, Lina Ma, Valuation of Reverse Mortgage.- Rostislav Razumchik, LusineMeykhanadzhyan, Stationary Distribution of Discrete-Time and Finite-Capacity Queue with Resequencing.- ChiranjibMukherjee, S. R. S. Varadhan, The Polaron Measure.- Tuan Phung Duc, Batch Arrival Multiserver Queue with State-Dependent Setup for Energy Saving Data Center.- T. E. Govindan, Weak Convergence of Probability Measures of Trotter–Kato Approximate Solutions of Stochastic Evolution Equations.- Vladimir Vishnevsky, Andrey Larionov, Stochastic Multiphase Models and Their Application for Analysis of End-To-End Delays in Wireless Multihop Networks.- Garimella Rama Murthy, Variance Laplacian: Quadratic Forms in Statistics.- B. Rajeev, On the Feynman–Kac Formula.- Ekaterina Lisovskaya, Svetlana Moiseeva, Michele Pagano, Ekaterina Pankratova, Heterogeneous Resource Queueing System with Renewal Arrival Process.

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        Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes