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Leen de Bruyne

Een start-up bouwen zonder gek te worden

In dit boek deelt Leen de Bruyne honderd persoonlijke ervaringen, tips en anekdotes die jouw mentale gezondheid als founder positief kunnen beïnvloeden.

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Impact maken met humor
Malinca Verwiel
Impact maken met humor
Ontdek je sterke punten 2.0
Tom Rath
Ontdek je sterke punten 2.0
De kracht van het piramideprincipe
Eline Janssen
De kracht van het piramideprincipe
Ik weet dat u liegt
Job Boersma
Ik weet dat u liegt
Check je e-mail en brief
Eric Tiggeler
Check je e-mail en brief

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GebondenEngels9781610397889 28-9-2017
The Mathematical Corporation is the breakthrough book leaders have been waiting for, showing how the synergistic combination of human ingenuity and machine cognition takes the guesswork out of decision-making and leads to new products, services, and solutions that reshape business and society.  Meer
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Ethical Issues in International Marketing is a valuable resource for readers’increasing need for knowledge of this important area. In recent years, ethical issues in international marketing have come to the forefront due to publicity and controversy generated from several international cases of questionable ethics.  Meer
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A sustainable enterprise is one that contributes to sustainable development by simultaneously delivering economic, social and environmental benefits or what has been termed "the triple bottom line.  Meer
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Increasingly, environmental decision making is like playing a multidimensional game of chess. With interactions between the atmosphere, the litho-hydrosphere, and the biosphere, the game is at once a measure of complexity, uncertainty, interdisciplinary acuity, social-environmental sustainability, and social justice for all generations.  Meer
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In Cosmopolitan Business Ethics: Towards a Global Ethos of Management, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff maps the concept of global business ethics, related to sustainability and corporate governance, via an examination of the major theories of business ethics and the philosophy of management.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9781484249871 31-10-2019
Successfully navigate through the ever-changing world of technology and ethics and reconcile system administration principles for separation of duty, account segmentation, administrative groups and data protection.  Meer
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GebondenEngels9781498529792 11-10-2016
This book responds to the common objections to alternative business structures, describes the opportunities that such structures offer, exposes how lawyer self-regulation operates to obstruct the modernization of legal services, and includes interviews with persons who have experience with alternative legal service providers in other countries.  Meer
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GebondenEngels9781566705561 18-9-2001
Risk assessment is the cornerstone of contemporary environmental protection. You must find the answers to questions such as: what might be the impacts of the new synthetic chemicals, what problems might arise from the normal operations of industry, what are the chances of accidental releases and how will they impact the environment?  Meer
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GebondenEngels9781482240160 18-11-2016
Global virtual teams (GVTs) have evolved as a common work structure in multinational corporations due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The cultural differences can produce great benefits in terms of perspective, creativity, and innovation, but can also exacerbate interpersonal tensions, miscommunications, and clashing decision-making behaviors.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9781484213841 12-11-2016
Focus on SAP business analytics business gains, key features, and implementation. The book includes example implementations of SAP business analytics, the challenges faced, and the solutions implemented.  Meer
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GebondenEngels9781498743839 17-6-2016
This book shows executive, project, program, and portfolio managers how ethical behavior can ensure that an organization has proper governance. Improper governance and unethical behavior have led to such well-known financial disasters as Enron and Madoff Investments.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9781489973498 22-11-2014
Progress in collaborative networks continues showing a growing number of manifestations and has led to the acceptance of Collaborative Networks (CN) as a new scientific discipline.  Meer
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GebondenEngels9781617298851 5-4-2023
Think Like a CTO  is full of step-by-step guidance for succeeding as a Chief Technology Officer. Author Alan Williamson has mentored numerous CTOs who have been catapulted into the big leagues by private equity investment, acquisition, and rapid growth.  Meer
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PaperbackEngels9781473609617 11-2-2016
Your fast track to successful negotiating Learn in a week, what the experts learn about negotiating in a lifetime. Written by Peter Fleming, a negotiation expert, Negotiation Skills In A Week quickly teaches you what you really need to know about negotiating.  Meer
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GebondenEngels9781466596092 19-12-2013
Together, Big Data, high-performance computing, and complex environments create unprecedented opportunities for organizations to generate game-changing insights that are based on hard data.  Meer
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PaperbackEngels9781482218947 19-5-2015
Offering a planned approach for determining cause and effect, DOE Simplified: Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, Third Edition integrates the authors’ decades of combined experience in providing training, consulting, and computational tools to industrial experimenters.  Meer
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GebondenEngels9781466565784 23-4-2013
"The chapters in this volume offer useful case studies, technical roadmaps, lessons learned, and a few prescriptions to ‘do this, avoid that.’" —From the Foreword by Joe LaCugna, Ph.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9781489974907 30-10-2014
Simulation-Based Optimization: Parametric Optimization Techniques and Reinforcement Learning introduce the evolving area of static and dynamic simulation-based optimization.  Meer
Verwachte levertijd ongeveer 8 werkdagen
GebondenEngels9781439829394 29-10-2010
Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 provides the information and practical know-how required to facilitate a smooth adoption and incorporation of the latest revisions and enhancements put forth by the International Organization for Standardization.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9781461370246 22-12-2012
religious values at the office door. Apartheid was an evil, and business had great power in South Africa. Where there is power, there is also responsibil­ ity.  Meer
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