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Strategisch management

Angélique Piternella

Nooit meer managen - Waarom een integrator geld bespaart en winst oplevert

In 'Nooit meer managen' legt Angélique Piternella stap voor stap uit wat een integrator is, hoe je met hem of haar samenwerkt, hoe je een integrator vindt die bij je past en wat hij of zij je oplevert.

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Strategisch management


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With a growing market currently in excess of $150 billion, outsourcing has become a critical boardroom agenda. Meeting this challenge, Andrew and Nada Kakabadse answers key boardroom questions: Q What will be the key areas of outsourcing in the future?  Meer
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This is an updated and revised edition of the author's successful and ground breaking book on international public relations and global reputation. Michael Morley has counselled clients of the world's largest corporations.  Meer
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Strategic planning outlines the path between the current status of the business and the desired status. It requires the business to identify its objectives and goals, and then make the correct decisions to achieve these objectives and goals.  Meer
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Published in association with the UK Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB), this ninth volume in the AIB series focuses on the new challenges and developments in the field of international business.  Meer
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A powerful collection of bestselling books that will help you love the work you do - even if you can't always do work that you love.  Meer
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There has been increased emphasis on smart cities due to the economic, environmental and technological shifts that have impacted on society. This book focuses on how cities are becoming smarter, more innovative and entrepreneurial due to the increased pressures placed on them from societal changes in the global business environment.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333786697 19-9-2001
To beat your competitors you must know exactly what they are doing. It is impossible to put together a successful competitive strategy if you are unsure what your competitors are doing, what they plan to do or even who your competitors really are.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333786956 20-3-2001
This book introduces e-Roadmapping - a new tool set for executives and entrepreneurs who need to strategize in the new economy. The rapidly changing commercial environment and new focus on innovation and speed of execution means that for many organisations the old models of assessing the competitive landscape and forecasting a long-term strategy are dead.  Meer
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PaperbackEngels9780323904650 23-8-2023
Design of Innovation Processes: Flow from Idea to Market Launch with Higher Speed and Value, Time after Time introduces the concept of seeing innovation as a type of process manufacturing operation and offers a coherent set of principles that will accelerate innovation in the chemical processing industries.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780306465000 30-11-2000
Systems Thinking is a new paradigm set to revolutionize management practice in the 21st century. Systems Approaches to Management is the most comprehensive guide available to the application of this new paradigm in the field of management.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333674697 24-6-1998
This volume encompasses the latest thinking on international business strategy and organization. It spans topics ranging from the influence of national culture on international business strategies, to the reorganization of corporate strategies in the context of the European single market.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333674727 6-6-1997
What determines the strength of a corporate brand? And how can it be enhanced? A corporate brand conveys a company's reputation to its audience. It is about far more than names and logos.  Meer
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PaperbackEngels9780323884938 25-6-2021
COVID-19 is profoundly affecting the ways in which we live, learn, plan, and develop. What does COVID-19 mean for the future of digital information use and delivery, and for more traditional forms of library provision?  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333713969 9-6-1998
Confronting the wide range of factors that management face in relation to global changes, this volume focuses on the implication of these changes for organizations.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9780333735824 18-6-1999
This unique book stresses the importance of the Asia Pacific region in the context of the international strategies of the firm. It argues that the crisis in Asia - while being serious - is a temporary phenomenon only and that the need remains for Western firms to boost their position both in Asia and against Asian competition.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333743263 6-11-1998
This book provides a clear and practical approach to creating and implementing cost-effective business processes. Focusing on the key elements of a robust business plan, it defines the core business processes needed in a successful process-driven organisation.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333666456 5-6-1997
Organisations around the world are in crisis! The principles and approaches on which success is built are no longer clear. Success in the future will require challenging many of the concepts and practices which underpin most organisations today.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333693216 15-7-1997
This book focuses on how managers, faced with environmental discontinuities, should think about initiating, managing and sustaining a strategic change initiative.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333930984 27-4-2001
As governments seek to mitigate the cost of state-subsidised healthcare, branding in the pharmaceutical industry has become a critical issue. Drugs companies must change their methods of communication and distribution - focusing more on their direct relationship with the consumer.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780333948101 10-10-2001
This book investigates the problems of effectively managing partnerships between organizations in the private, public and not for profit sectors, and highlights many of the pitfalls of an uncritical and quick fix approach to collaboration.  Meer
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