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Mathematics of Decision Making

Vol. I: Statistical Modeling & Analysis for Complex Data Problems; Vol. II: Logistics Systems-Design & Optimization; Vol. III: Energy & Environment; Vol. IV: Analysis, Control & Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems; Vol. V: Column Generation;

Paperback Engels 2005 9780387261171
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In 2005, GERAD celebrates its 25th anniversary with these ten volumes covering most of the Center's research areas of expertise: Essays and Surveys in Global Optimization, edited by C. Audet, P. Hansen and G. Savard; Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization, edited by D. Avis, A. Hertz and O. Marcotte; Numerical Methods in Finance, edited by H. Ben-Ameur and M. Breton; Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems, edited by E.K. Boukas and R. Malhamé; Column Generation, edited by G. Desaulniers, J. Desrosiers and M.M. Solomon; Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Complex Data Problems, edited by P. Duchesne and B. Rémillard; Performance Evaluation and Planning Methods for the Next Generation Internet, edited by A. Girard, B. Sansò, and F. Vásquez-Abad; Dynamic Games: Theory and Applications, edited by A. Haurie and G. Zaccour; Logistics Systems: Design and Optimization, edited by A. Langevin and D. Riopel; Energy and Environment, edited by R. Loulou, J.-P. Waaub and G. Zaccour.


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Volume I: Foreword.- Contributing Authors.- Preface.- Dependence Properties of Meta-Elliptical Distributions.- The Statistical Significance of Palm Beach County.- Bayesian Functional Estimation of Hazard Rates for Randomly Right Censored Data Using Fourier Series Methods.- Conditions for the Validity of F-Ratio Tests for Treatment and Carryover Effects in Crossover Designs.- Bias in Estimating the Variance of K-Fold Cross Validation.- Effective Construction of Modified Histograms in Higher Dimensions.- On Robust Diagnostics at Individual Lags Using RA-ARX Estimators.- Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Periodic Preventive Replacement Policies.- Statistics for Comparison of Two Independent cDNA Filter Microarrays.- Large Deviations for Interacting Processes in the Strong Topology.- Asymptotic Distribution of a Simple Linear Estimator for VARMA Models in Echolon Form.- Recent Results for Linear Time Series Models with Non Independent Innovations.- Filtering of Images for Detecting Multiple Targets Trajectories.- Optimzal Detection of Periodicities in Vector Autoregressive Models.- The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test for Cluster Correlated Data. Volume II: Foreword.- Contributing Authors.- Preface.- The Network of Logistics Decisions.- Facility Location in Supply Chain Design.- Distribution Centres in Supply Chain Operations.- Operational Research Methods for Efficient Warehousing.- Models and Methods for Facilities Layout Design from an Applicability to Real-World Perspective.- The Design, Planning, and Optimization of Reverse Logistics Networks.- Models and Methods for Operations in Port Container Terminals.- Strategic Network Design for Motor Carriers.- New Heuristics for the Vehicle Routing Problem.- Routing Propane Deliveries.- Synchronized Production-Distribution Planning in the Pulp and Paper Industry.- Production Planning Optimization Modeling in Demand and Supply Chains of High-Value Consumer Products. Volume III: North-South Trade and the Sustainability of Economic Growth: A Model with Environmental Constraints.- A Coupled Bottom-Up/Top-Down Model for GHG Abatement Scenarios in the Swiss Housing Sector.- Moderated Decision Support and Countermeasure Planning for Off-Site Emergency Management.- Hybrid Energy-Economy Models and Endogenous Technological Change.- The World-MARKAL Model and Its Application to Cost-Effectiveness, Permit Sharing, and Cost-Benefit Analyses.- A Fuzzy Methodology for Evaluating a Market of Tradable CO2-Permits.- MERGE: An Integrated Assessment Model for Global Climate Change.- A Mixed Integer Multiple Objective Linear Programming Model for Capacity Expansion in an Autonomous Power Generation System.- Transport and Climate Policy Modeling the Transport Sector: The Role of Existing Fuel Taxes in Climate Policy.- Pricing and Technology Options: An analysis of Ontario Electricity Capacity Requirements and GHG Emissions.- Implications of the Integration of Environmental Damage in Energy / Environmental Policy Evaluation: An Analysis with the Energy Optimisation model MARKAL/ TIMES. Volume IV: Foreword.- Contributing Authors.- Preface.- Part I: Production and Inventory Systems.- Average Cost Optimality in Inventory Models with Markovian Demands and Lost Sales.- Inventory Control of Switched Production Systems: LMI approach.- A Two-time-scale Approach for Production Planning in Discrete Time.- Evaluation of Throughput in Serial Production Lines with Non-exponential Machines.- Supply Chain Production Planning Modeling Facility Lead Time and Quality of Service.- Part II: Large Scale or Multi Agent System Problems.- Providing QoS in Large Networks: Statistical Multiplexing and Admission Control.- Combined Competitive Flow Control and Routing in Networks with Hard Side Constraints.- Generalized Uplifts in Pool-Based Electricity Markets.- Nash Equilibria for Large-Population Linear Stochastic Systems of Weakly Coupled Agen

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        Mathematics of Decision Making