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Cloud Computing Law

Gebonden Engels 2021 9780198716662
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Cloud computing continues to expand dramatically and the 'as a Service' model is now both mainstream and ubiquitous. Cloud now encompasses everything from the remote provision of essential computer processing and storage resources, through to delivery of complex business and government services, logistics, healthcare, education, and entertainment. The Covid-19 pandemic provided a striking demonstration of cloud computing's global scalability and resilience, as billions of workers and students switched in a matter of weeks to working and studying 'from home'.

This book delivers an accessible analysis of the key legal and regulatory issues that surround cloud computing. Topics covered include contracts for cloud services, information ownership and licensing, privacy and data protection, standards and competition law, law enforcement access to data, and international tax models for cloud and other digital services.

The book is organised in four parts. Part I explains what cloud computing is, why it matters, and what non-technical readers need to know about how it works. Part II includes a detailed review of standard contracts for 40 cloud services and highlights key legal and commercial issues that arise in negotiated transactions for cloud services. Ownership of, and access to, 'digital assets' are also explored. Part III focusses on the application of data protection and cybersecurity rules, including an in-depth assessment of the impact of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on providers and users of cloud services. Finally, Part IV addresses governance issues relating to public sector use of cloud, access to cloud data by law enforcement authorities, competition rules and standards, and the disruption to global taxation models caused by the rapid shift to cloud services.


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Over Christopher Millard

Christopher Millard is Professor of Privacy and Information Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London. He is also a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute and is Of Counsel to the law firm Bristows. He has over 30 years experience in technology law, both in academia and legal practice, and has led the Cloud Legal Project at CCLS since it was established in 2009. He is a Fellow and former Chairman of the Society for Computers & Law and past-Chair of the Technology Law Committee of the International Bar Association. He has published widely in the computer law field and is a founding editor of the International Journal of Law and Information Technology and of International Data Privacy Law (both Oxford University Press).

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Part 1
1. Cloud Technologies and Services, W Kuan Hon, Christopher Millard, and Jatinder Singh
2. Control, Security, and Risk in the Cloud, W Kuan Hon, Christopher Millard, and Jatinder Singh

Part 2
3. Standard Contracts for Cloud Services, Johan David Michels, Christopher Millard, and Felicity Turton
4. Negotiated Contracts for Cloud Services, W Kuan Hon, Christopher Millard, Ian Walden, and Conor Ward
5. Information Ownership in the Cloud, Chris Reed
6. Digital Assets in Clouds, Johan David Michels and Christopher Millard

Part 3
7. Consumer Protection in the Cloud, Chris Reed and Laura Edgar
8. Protection of Personal Data in Clouds and Rights of Individuals, Dimitra Kamarinou, Christopher Millard and Felicity Turton
9. Responsibilities of Controllers and Processors of Personal Data in Clouds, Dimitra Kamarinou, Christopher Millard, and Felicity Turton
10. Regulation of International Data Transfers in Clouds, Ulrich Wuermeling and Isabella Oldani

Part 4
11. Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Critical Infrastructure, Johan David Michels and Ian Walden
12. Placing the State in the Cloud: Issues of Data Governance and Public Procurement, Niamh Gleeson and Ian Walden
13. Accessing Data in the Cloud: The Long Arm of the Law Enforcement Agent, Ian Walden
14. Facilitating Competition in the Cloud, Niamh Gleeson and Ian Walden
15. Cloud Computing, Standards, and the Law, Niamh Gleeson and Ian Walden
16. International Tax Implications of Cloud Computing, Vasiliki Koukoulioti and Chris Reed

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        Cloud Computing Law