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Design of Innovation Processes

Flow from Idea to Market Launch with Higher Speed and Value, Time after Time

Paperback Engels 2023 9780323904650
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Design of Innovation Processes: Flow from Idea to Market Launch with Higher Speed and Value, Time after Time introduces the concept of seeing innovation as a type of process manufacturing operation and offers a coherent set of principles that will accelerate innovation in the chemical processing industries. The book provides actionable practices for innovating chemically related products and services faster, and with higher value. The author shows that by coordinating an Integrated Innovation Team (IIT) consisting of R&D, marketing, manufacturing, regulatory, toxicology, analytical, legal, finance, VP-level leadership, sustainability, and other functions, it's possible to increase innovation throughput.

The author, Dr. Darrell Velegol, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at Penn State University, sees ineffective innovation processes as the reason why chemical process industries are growing less than industries like digitech, hence he provides valuable information in this updated resource.




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<p>1. Overview. A day in the life of innovation transformation</p> <p>PROBLEM AND PROMISE2. Growth is slow in the CPI. Dow 30, pharma IRR < CoC (NYU Stern table), Doorley growth table3. Stage Gate methods lead to low growth. Explain challenges of Stage Gate4. The Profit Equation gives levers for innovation throughput. The 5 variables. Full and simple versions. Plot. Example</p> <p>PHILOSOPHY AND PROCESSES5. Central philosophy is innovation as type of process manufacturing6. Products of manufacturing. Innovation comes from FVoC, IIT, VQs-MHs7. PFD of Innovation Processes. Explanation of essential pieces8. Common bottlenecks in your process</p> <p>PRACTICES9. FVoC. Jobs to be done. How far ahead? Surviving Amazon10. IIT. How to plant, grow, and nurture your Integrated Innovation Team11. Ideation. Methods for generating ideas for the FVoC11. VQs-MHs. Asking Valuable Questions, creating Multiple Hypotheses to evaluate risks13. Goal setting. Vectorization requires fewer projects in the portfolio. Analysis of lag times14. Valuation. Using Delphi method for valuating future projects. Assessing value for R&D and by function15. Deliberate learning. Importance, sources, experts16. Adaptive Execution. Best methods in project management. Include Goldratt, Scrum17. Monday morning. Places to start</p> <p>APPENDICESAppendix A. NYU-Stern Cost of Capital (CoC).Appendix B. Investment equation for optimal innovation investment. Schott paper. Analysis of industriesAppendix C. Knowlecular perspective. Include trust as a knowlecular conceptAppendix D. Dow-30 over the decades</p>

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        Design of Innovation Processes