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Enhancing Public Innovation by Transforming Public Governance

Gebonden Engels 2016 9781107088986
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Rising and changing citizen expectations, dire fiscal constraints, unfulfilled political aspirations, high professional ambitions, and a growing number of stubborn societal problems have generated an increasing demand for innovation of public policies and services. Drawing on the latest research, this book examines how current systems of public governance can be transformed in order to enhance public innovation.

It scrutinizes the need for new roles and public sector reforms, and analyzes how the gradual transition towards New Public Governance can stimulate the exploration and exploitation of new and bold ideas in the public sector. It argues that the key to public innovation lies in combining and balancing elements from Classic Public Administration, New Public Management and New Public Governance, and theorizes how it can be enhanced by multi-actor collaboration for the benefit of public officials, private stakeholders, citizens, and society at large.


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Over Jacob Torfing

Jacob Torfing is Professor of Politics and Institutions at Roskilde University. He is also Research Director of the Roskilde School of Governance. His research interests include network governance, public administration reform, public innovation, and public leadership and management. He has published more than 200 articles and book chapters and more than 25 books. He is the author of Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector (2016).

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Over Peter Triantafillou

Peter Triantafillou is Professor of Public Policy and Performance Management at Roskilde University. His research interests are governance and power relations in public policy and performance management in the public sector. His research has been published in numerous academic articles and edited volumes, and in the monograph New Forms of Governing: A Foucauldian Inspired Analysis (2012).

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1. Enhancing public innovation by transforming public governance? Jacob Torfing and Peter Triantafillou
2. Collaborative governance as creative problem-solving Chris Ansell
3. The New Public Governance and innovation in public services: a public service-dominant approach Stephen P. Osborne and Zoe Radnor
4. Public innovations around the world Jacob Torfing and Peter Triantafillou
5. Organizational and governance aspects of diffusing public innovation Jean Hartley
6. Collaborative innovation in the public sector Eva Sørensen and Jacob Torfing
7. Public managers and professionals in collaborative innovation Victor Bekkers and Mirko Noordegraaf
8. Bringing the resources of citizens into public governance: innovation through co-production to improve public services and outcomes Tony Bovaird and Elke Loeffler
9. The role of elected politicians in collaborative policy innovation Eva Sørensen
10. The role of private actors in public sector innovation Ole Helby Petersen, Veiko Lember, Walter Scherrer and Robert Ågren
11. Public innovation and organizational structure: searching in vain for the optimal design Mads Leth Felsager Jakobsen and Claus Thrane
12. Can command and incentive systems enhance motivation and public innovation? Lotte Bøgh Andersen
13. Administrative leadership for innovation Montgomery Van Wart
14. Thinking allowed: reforming indicator-based accountability to enhance innovation Wouter Van Dooren and Tom Willems
15. Organizational innovations and multiple forms of accountability in the post-New Public Management era Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid
16. Can public governance be changed to enhance innovation? B. Guy Peters
17. Conclusion: governing innovation and innovating governance Jacob Torfing and Peter Triantafillou.

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        Enhancing Public Innovation by Transforming Public Governance