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African Special Economic Zones

Lessons and Investments from China

Gebonden Engels 2022 9789811681042
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This book evaluates African Special Economic Zones from the perspective of learning from China’s experiences with such Zones and the impact of Chinese policy and investment on African Zones. Utilising case studies of perceived successful Special Economic Zones in China, the book proposes the Chinese Model of Special Economic Zones as an evaluation and benchmarking tool against which African Special Economic Zones are considered. Applying several case studies on African Special Economic Zones, the book then details the competitiveness of African Special Economic Zones with a specific focus on attracting Chinese investors to these Zones. The economic, social and environmental impact of these zones are appraised. African Nations’ efforts, or lack thereof, to enable successful Special Economic Zones are critically analysed. Finally, Special Economic Zones in Africa are compared against the Chinese Model; and an African Model of Special Economic Zones is proposed. Recommendations are presented to both African Nations’ leadership and Chinese policymakers and investors as to how these Zones can be improved to enhance competitiveness and the attainment of the Zones’ sustainable development objectives.


Uitgever:Springer Nature Singapore


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<p>Part I. Context</p>

<p>Chapter 1: Africa’s economies</p>

<p>Chapter 2: China’s surge in growth facilitated by Special Economic Zones</p>

<p>Chapter 3: The Chinese Special Economic Zone Model and China of the future</p>

<p>Part II. The Emergence of Chinese Special Economic Zones in Africa<br></p>

<p>Chapter 4: China in Africa</p>

<p>Chapter 5: the emergence of Chinese interest in Special Economic Zones in Africa</p>

<p>Part III. Evaluating Special Economic Zones in Africa<br></p>

<p>Chapter 6: Critical issues for Chinese investment in special economic zones in Africa</p>

<p>Chapter 7: Labour: Obstacles and opportunities</p>

<p>Chapter 8: The social and environmental impact of Special Economic Zones in Africa</p>

<p>Chapter 9 African Governments’ enabling (or constraining) influence on Special economic zone </p>

<p>investment by the chinese</p>

<p>Part IV. The African Model of Special Economic Zones<br></p>

<p>Chapter 10: Towards impactful special economic zones in africa</p><p></p>

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        African Special Economic Zones