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Boeken van Ian Renshaw

Ian Renshaw Keith Davids Daniel Newcombe Will Roberts
The Constraints-Led Approach
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Jia Yi Chow Keith Davids Chris Button Ian Renshaw
Nonlinear Pedagogy in Skill Acquisition
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Nonlinear pedagogy is a powerful paradigm for understanding human movement and for designing effective teaching, coaching and training programs in sport, exercise and physical education. Meer
Ian Renshaw Keith Davids Geert J.P. Savelsbergh
Motor Learning in Practice
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Motor Learning in Practice explores the fundamental processes of motor learning and skill acquisition in sport, and explains how a constraints-led approach can be used to design more effective learning environments for sports practice and performance. Meer
James Rudd Ian Renshaw Geert J.P. Savelsbergh Jia Yi Chow Will Roberts Daniel Newcombe Keith Davids
Nonlinear Pedagogy and the Athletics Skills Model
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This book offers an ecological conceptualisation of physical literacy. Re-embracing our ancestry as hunter gatherers we gain a new appreciation and understanding of the importance of play, not only in terms of how children learn, but also in showing us as educators how we can lay the foundations for lifelong physical activity. Meer
Ian Renshaw Peter Arnott Graeme McDowall
Constraints-Led Approach to Golf Coaching
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While the popularity of golf is coming under increased pressure, it continues to hook millions of players. However, the complexity of the game and the extremely high level of precision required to hit the ball consistently well means that it is a game that is difficult to even become ‘good’ at, let alone master. Meer

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