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Boeken van Jan Dietz

Jan Dietz Hans Mulder
Enterprise Ontology
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Enterprise ontology is one of the conceptual pillars of enterprise engineering, next to enterprise design and enterprise governance, together accomplishing the goals of intellectual manageability, organisational concinnity and social devotion. Meer
Erik Proper Frank Harmsen Jan Dietz
Advances in Enterprise Engineering II
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the virtually unlimited possibilities of modern information and communication technology. Future enterprises will therefore have to operate in an ever more dynamic and global environment. Meer
Antonia Albani Jan Dietz
Advances in Enterprise Engineering III
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In the era of continuous changes in internal organizationalsettings and external business environments – such as new regulations and business opportunities – modern enterprises are subject to extensive research and study. Meer
Antonia Albani Jan Dietz
Advances in Enterprise Engineering IV
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Enterprise engineering is an emerging discipline that studies enterprises from an engineering perspective. This means that enterprises are considered to be purposefully designed and implemented systems, which consequently can be - designed and re-implemented if there is a need for change. Meer
Jan Dietz Antonia Albani
Advances in Enterprise Engineering I
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The expectation for the future of the 21st century enterprise is complexity and agility. In this digital age, business processes are scattered not only throu- out the labyrinth of their own enterprises, but also across di? Meer

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