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Boeken van Wouter Veenendaal

Gert Oostindie Wouter Veenendaal
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De zes Caribische eilanden in het Koninkrijk zijn al bijna vier eeuwen lang verbonden met Nederland. Daar zijn Antillianen zich heel goed van bewust, maar in Nederland ligt dat anders. Meer
Jack Corbett Wouter Veenendaal
Democracy in Small States
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Populism and the personalization of politics appears to be threatening the existence of democracy as we know it all over the world. It is now more important than ever to understand the history of this form of regime: why it has thrives and fails. Meer
Jessica Byron Stefano Moncada Wouter Veenendaal Lino Briguglio
Handbook of Governance in Small States
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This volume covers a wide spectrum of governance issues relating to small states in a global context. While different definitions of governance are given in the chapters, most authors associate governance with the setting and implementation of policies aimed at managing a country or territory, and with the related institutional structures and interventions by political actors. Meer
Wouter (the Institute of Political Science at Leiden University, the Netherlands.) Veenendaal Wouter Veenendaal
Politics and Democracy in Microstates
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Why are small states statistically more likely to have a democratic political system? By addressing this question from a qualitative and comparative methodological angle, this book analyses the effects of a small population size on political competition and participation. Meer
John Gerring John (University of Texas, Austin) Gerring Wouter Veenendaal Wouter (Universiteit Leiden) Veenendaal
Population and Politics
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Every country, every subnational government, and every district has a designated population, and this has a bearing on politics in ways most citizens and policymakers are barely aware of. Meer

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