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Python Essential Reference

Paperback Engels 2009 9780672329784
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'Python Essential Reference' is the definitive reference guide to the Python programming language - the one authoritative handbook that reliably untangles and explains both the core Python language and the most essential parts of the Python library.

Designed for the professional programmer, the book is concise, to the point, and highly accessible. It also includes detailed information on the Python library and many advanced subjects that is not available in either the official Python documentation or any other single reference source.

Thoroughly updated to reflect the significant new programming language features and library modules that have been introduced in Python 2.6 and Python 3, the fourth edition of 'Python Essential Reference' is the definitive guide for programmers who need to modernize existing Python code or who are planning an eventual migration to Python 3. Programmers starting a new Python project will find detailed coverage of contemporary Python programming idioms.

This fourth edition of 'Python Essential Reference' features numerous improvements, additions, and updates:
- Coverage of new language features, libraries, and modules
- Practical coverage of Python's more advanced features including generators, coroutines, closures, metaclasses, and decorators
- Expanded coverage of library modules related to concurrent programming including threads, subprocesses, and the new multiprocessing module
- Improved organization for even faster answers and better usability
- Up-to-the-minute coverage of how to use Python 2.6's forward compatibility mode to evaluate code for Python 3 compatibility
- Deep coverage of low-level system and networking library modules
including options not covered in the standard documentation
- Updated and improved example code to reflect modern Python programming style and idioms


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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Part 1: The Python Language
1. A Tutorial Introduction
2. Lexical Conventions and Syntax
3. Types and Objects
4. Operators and Expressions
5. Program Structure and Control Flow
6. Functions and Functional Programming
7. Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
8. Modules, Packages, and Distribution
9. Input and Output
10. Execution Environment
11. Testing, Debugging, Profiling, and Tuning

Part 2: The Python Library
12. Built-In Functions
13. Python Runtime Services
14. Mathematics
15. Data Structures, Algorithms, and Utilities
16. String and Text Handling
17. Python Database API
18. File Handling
19. Operating System Services
20. Threads and Concurrency
21. Network Programming and Sockets
22. Internet Application Programming
23. Web Programming
24. Internet Data Handling and Encoding
25. Miscellaneous Library Modules

Part 3: Extending and Embedding
26. Extending and Embedding Python

Appendix A: Python 3


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        Python Essential Reference