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History of the Greek Revolution 2 Volume Set

Onbekend Engels 2012 9781108043557
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Thomas Gordon (1788–1841), a British army officer and philhellene, was actively involved in the Greek struggle for independence during the period 1821–8. This two-volume work, published in 1833, provides a comprehensive account of the Greek Revolution, portraying the war 'as it really was' and describing atrocities perpetrated by both sides. In his preface, Gordon acknowledges that the contest between the Greeks and the Turks has been written about a great deal. He sets out his aims to 'clear away exaggeration, rectify errors and anachronisms, and supply omissions', and he draws upon insights gained from having lived and fought for several years in Greece. Volume 1 covers the background history of Greece, and up to the end of 1822. Volume 2 continues the narrative until de facto independence in 1827, but cautions that wider European interests may delay the establishment of a viable Greek government.


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Volume 1: Preface; Introduction; Book I: 1. Rebellion of Ali Pasha, and its consequences; 2. Insurrection of the Peloponnesus; 3. Effect that the Revolution produced on the minds of the Turks; 4. Operations of the Greek and Turkish fleets during the summer and autumn of the year 1821; 5. Progress of the war in Epirus, Macedonia, and Northern Greece, till the conclusion of the year 1821; 6. Affairs of Peloponnesus, from the capture of Tripolizza to the end of the year 1821; Book II: 1. Constitution of Epidaurus, and establishment of a central government in Greece; 2. Affairs of the Archipelago; 3. Campaign in Epirus; 4. Grand expedition of the Turks against Greece; 5. Operations in Northern Greece till the close of the year 1822; 6. Transactions in the Archipelago and Peloponnesus during the three last months of the year. Volume 2: Book III: 1. Assembly of Astros; 2. Campaign of 1823 in Eastern and Western Greece; 3. Campaign of 1823 in the Island of Crete; Book IV: 1. Political aspect of Turkey; 2. Naval campaign of 1824, and destruction of Psarra and Kassos; 3. Operations in Northern Greece; Book V: 1. Character and plans of the Greek government; 2. Progress of the war in Northern Greece; 3. Internal affairs and financial arrangements of Greece, in the year 1825; Book VI: 1. Operations in Eastern Greece and Peloponnesus during the winter and spring of 1826; 2. Third national congress at Piada; 3. Campaign in Northern Greece, and progress of the siege of Athens, up to the end of the year 1827; Book VII: 1. Factions at Egina and Hermione; 2. Continuation of the siege of Athens; 3. Narrative of events connected with Greece, from the loss of Athens until Capodistria's arrival at Nauplia; 4. Second invasion and siege of Chios by the insurgents under Colonel Fabvier; 5. Organized system of Greek piracy.

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        History of the Greek Revolution 2 Volume Set