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10 Essentials for High Performance Quality in the 21st Century

Gebonden Engels 2011 9781439876008
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As a society, we tend to reward problem solvers, rather than those who prevent problems at their source. In other words, we focus on after-the-fact occurrences (appraisal activities) instead of trying to eliminate these occurrences (preventing activities). Discussing and evaluating the core requirements of quality efficiency and improvement, 10 Essentials for High Performance Quality in the 21st Century proposes an approach to help shift the paradigm of quality from appraisal mode to preventing mode. Identifying 10 steps readers can follow to optimize the quality of products and improve customer satisfaction, the book explains the rationale behind each of the steps in separate chapters. It addresses specific quality issues in six different sectors of the economy and provides statistics, tables, and figures from various organizations that support the need for a paradigm shift. Outlining a systematic process to guide your organization along the path toward improvement, the book covers risk and quality, multicultural management, empowerment, error analysis, team building, advanced quality planning, and quality operating systems.
The accompanying CD provides tips and tools to help you implement all the necessary improvement initiatives under the umbrella of quality.


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The Need for Quality Performance Manufacturing Nonmanufacturing Religion Education Health Financial Summary Endnotes References Selected Bibliography Leadership Summary References Selected Bibliography Execution A New Mind-Set Project Management Managing Quality and Its Relationship to Project Management Classical Project Management Process Risk Management Activities as Applied to Project Management Risk Management and Business Continuity Risk Assessment of Risk(s) Potential Risk Treatments Risk Avoidance Risk Reduction Risk Retention Risk Transfer Planning for Risk Limitations Areas of Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management PRINCE Directing a Project Initiation (Starting the Project Off on theRight Foot) Controlling a Stage Managing Stage Boundaries Closing a Project Managing Product Delivery Planning Benefits of Using PRINCE Error Analysis Experimental Error Classification of Error Definitions in MSA Resolution/Discrimination Accuracy and Bias Linearity Stability Precision Repeatability Reproducibility Gage R&R-Attribute MSA Gage R&R Variable-Data MSA Measuring MSA with Indices Number of Distinct Categories What to Look for in High Gage R&R Error ANOVA Rules of the MINITAB Output The Stereotyped Ordered Regression Model of Human Performance Rasmussen's Skill-Rule-Knowledge Model Chris Wickens' Concepts on Mental Models James Reason's Swiss Cheese Model of Error Summary References Selected Bibliography Innovation Design Manufacturability/Assembly Service Outsourcing Supply Chain Management Coping with the Complexity of Supply Chain Growing Turbulence and Uncertainty Why Are Supply Chains More Vulnerable? A Focus on Efficiency Rather Than Effectiveness The Globalization of Supply Chains Focused Factories and Centralized Distribution The Trend to Outsourcing Reduction of the Supplier Base Achieving Supply Chain Resilience Summary References Selected Bibliography People and Quality Understand the Human Dimension Assuming the Helm Shaping Corporate Culture Creating Organizations That Work Facilitating Strategic Decisions Empowering Employees Worker Loyalty Multicultural Management Business Ethics Training Rapid Prototyping Formative Evaluation Training as a Subsystem Summary References Selected Bibliography Time Management Scheduling Summary Selected Bibliography Engagement Communication Delegation Risk and People Managing Change Change and Scenario Thinking Articulating the Official Future Summary References Selected Bibliography Team Building The Life Cycle of the Team The Life Cycle of Executive Teams Cross Functional Teams Leadership and Paradigms What Is the Role of a Consultant and/or a Trainer? Thought Provoking Observations Conclusion Summary References Selected Bibliography Quality Operating System QOS Implementation QOS Meeting Summary Summary Advanced Quality Planning Why Use Advanced Quality Planning? When Do We Use Advanced Quality Planning as an Effective Methodology? How Do We Make AQP Work? Are There Pitfalls in Planning? Do We Really Need Another Qualitative Tool to Gauge Quality? How Do We Use the Qualitative Methodology in an Advanced Quality Planning Setting? Summary References Epilogue Selected Bibliography Index

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        10 Essentials for High Performance Quality in the 21st Century