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jQuery UI

A Code-Centerd Approach to User Interface Design

Paperback Engels 2012 9781449316990
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With the jQuery UI library, you can apply the power and standards of jQuery to user interface design, complete with interactive elements, animation, and themeable widgets. This concise, code-heavy guide demonstrates how to harness interactive features that HTML5 lacks, including tabs, accordions, and dialog boxes. You'll also learn how to program common but complex tasks, such as managing drag and drop and autocomplete, that make it easier for users to interact with your site.

This book provides a quick tour of how jQuery UI can improve your HTML pages, followed by standalone chapters that focus on each of the components in detail. If you're a web developer or designer looking to enrich your website with new features-without having to dive into full-fledged Javascript-jQuery UI is a must.

This book covers the following extensions in version 1.8:
- Tab management
- Accordion menus
- Dialog boxes
- Buttons
- Progress bars
- Sliders
- Date pickers
- Autocompleters
- Drag and drop management
- Selection, resizing, and switching of elements
- New visual effects


Aantal pagina's:225
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. Introduction to jQuery UI
-jQuery UI Installation
-Overview of jQuery UI
-What Is a CSS Theme?
-Which Files Should We Include in Our HTML Pages?
-Change the CSS Theme
-And Now?

2. Tabs
-Basic Principles of Tabs
-Formatting Content
-The tabs () Method
-The bind () Method
-Examples of Using Tabs

3. Accordion Menus
-Basic Principles of Accordion Menus
-Formatting Content
-The accordion () Method
-Event Management in Accordion Menus with bind ()
-Examples of Using Accordion Menus

4. Dialog Boxes
-Basic Principles of Dialog Boxes
-Formatting Content
-The dialog () Method
-Event Handling in Dialog Boxes with bind ()
-Examples of Using Dialog Boxes

5. Buttons
-Basic Principles of Buttons
-Formatting Content
-The button () Method
-Event Handling on Buttons with bind ()
-Radio Buttons
-Examples of Using Buttons

6. Progress Bars
-Basic Principles of Progress Bars
-Formatting Content
-The progressbar () Method
-Handling Events in Progress Bars with bind ()
-Examples of Using Progress Bars

7. Sliders
-Basic Principles of Sliders
-Formatting Content
-The slider () Method
-Event Management on the Sliders with bind ()
-Examples of Using Sliders

8. Datepickers
-Basic Principles of Datepickers
-Formatting Content
-The datepicker () Method
-Examples of Using Datepickers

9. Autocompletion
-Basic Principles of Autocompletion
-Formatting Content
-The autocomplete () Method
-Event Management on the List of Suggestions with bind ()
-Examples of Using the Autocompletion Mechanism

10. Drag-and-Drop
-The draggable () Method
-Event Management on the Moved Elements with bind ()
-Examples of Using Drag Functionality
-The droppable () Method
-Event Management on the Elements of Deposit with bind ()
-Examples of Using the Drop Functionality: A Shopping Cart

11. Selecting Items
-Basic Principles of Selecting Items
-Formatting Content
-The selectable () Method
-Event Management in the Selection with bind ()
-Examples of Using the Selection Mechanism

12. Permutation of Elements in the Page
-Basic Principles of Permutation of Elements
-Formatting Content
-The sortable () Method
-Event Management of the Permutation with bind ()
-Examples of Using the Permutation Mechanism

13. Resizing
-Basic Principles of Resizing
-Formatting Content
-The resizable () Method
-Handling Events when Resizing with bind ()
-Examples of Using the Resizing Mechanism

14. Visual Effects in jQuery UI
-New Visual Effects
-The show (), hide (), and toggle () Methods
-The animate () method Improved by jQuery UI
-Producing Effects with CSS Classes

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