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Microsoft Azure

Planning, Deploying, and Managing the Cloud

Paperback Engels 2020 9781484259573
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Gain the technical and business insight needed to plan, deploy, and manage the services provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud. This second edition focuses on improving operational decision tipping points for the professionals leading DevOps and security teams. This will allow you to make an informed decision concerning the workloads appropriate for your growing business in the Azure public cloud.
Microsoft Azure starts with an introduction to Azure along with an overview of its architecture services such as IaaS and PaaS. You’ll also take a look into Azure’s data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning services. Moving on, you will cover the planning for and adoption of Azure where you will go through budgeting, cloud economics, and designing a hybrid data center. Along the way, you will work with web apps, network PaaS, virtual machines, and much more.
The final section of the book starts with Azure data services and big data with an in-depth discussion of Azure SQL Database, CosmosDB, Azure Data Lakes, and MySQL. You will further see how to migrate on-premises databases to Azure and use data engineering. Next, you will discover the various Azure services for application developers, including Azure DevOps and ASP.NET web apps. Finally, you will go through the machine learning and AI tools in Azure, including Azure Cognitive Services.

What You Will Learn
-Apply design guidance and best practices using Microsoft Azure to achieve business growth
-Create and manage virtual machines
Work with AI frameworks to process and analyze data to support business decisions and increase revenue -Deploy, publish, and monitor a web app
Who This Book Is For
Azure architects and business professionals looking for Azure deployment and implementation advice.




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PART I Introducing Microsoft Azure
Ch 1. Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing
Overview of Microsoft Azure services
Azure concepts
Availability Zones
Security, Compliance, and Privacy primer
Azure licensing and cost management concepts
Ch 2. Overview of Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) services
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Networking
Hybrid data center design concepts (private-public cloud)
Hybrid data center operations and monitoring
IaaS security considerations

Ch 3. Overview of Azure Platform-as-a-Service
Azure Storage Accounts
Azure WebApps
Azure Database Services
Azure PaaS networking services
Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services
Azure Load Balancers
Azure Batch

Ch 4. Azure AppDev Services Overview
Azure DevOps and GitHub
Azure IaaS as code
Visual Studio
Containers - AKS

5. Ethical AI, Azure AI, and Machine Learning
Azure for the modern Data Engineers
Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Managed Instance
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Data Lake Service (gen 2)
Azure Data Factory v2
Cognitive Services
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

PART II Planning and adopting Azure

6. Budgeting and cloud economics
Using assessment tools - Microsoft Movere
Understanding Cloud Economics - CapEx vs OpEx
Forecasting and other cost saving features
Reserved Instances
Service Level Agreement in LRS vs GRS
Azure Cost Mgmt and Billing

7. Designing a Hybrid Data CenterNetworking considerations
PaaS Considerations
Identity and Access Management
Security and monitoring

8.Tools, training, and upskilling existing IT personnel
Available and required minimum training
Assembling the toolkit for the Cloud engineer
PowerShell ISE
Visual Studio Code
Azure Storage Explorer
ARM Templates
Hashicorp Terraform
Source control
Common Mistakes

PART III Using Azure for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

9. Implementing Azur networkingDesigning and implementing Virtual Networks (vNets)
Implementing Site-to-Site VPN
Implementing ExpressRoute
ER Direct
Global Reach
Implementing Network Security Groups
Implementing Security and Monitoring for networks
Network Watcher
Network Perforamance Monitor

10. Virtual Machines
Creating and managing Virtual Machines
Operating Systems (Windows, Linux)
Gallery Image
Customer Image
VM Disks
Monitoring and health of VM
Securing VM
Improving VM availability
Availability Groups
Disaster Recovery
Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

11. Infrastructure-as-code
Your first Infrastructure-as-code exercise
Deploying VMs with code
Deploying virtual networks with code
Addressing dependencies
Troubleshooting your code
Source control

PART IV Adopting Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

12. Azure WebApps
Deploying a WebApp
Publishing to a WebApp
Monitoring and securing WebApps
Azure Security Center for WebApps
Integrating authentication for WebApps
Leveraging Azure Active Directory
B2B and B2C
Multi-factor authentication
Use Case: Azure Drupal+MySQL PaaS

13 Network PaaS
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Load Balancer
Azure DNS
Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Front Door Service
Azure Private Link
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Azure DDoS Protection
Azure Firewall
Use Case: Implement Azure Front Door Service

14 Azure Storage
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Queues
Azure Files
Use Case: Using Azure Storage Explorer

PART V Azure Data Services and Big Data

15. Azure Database Services
Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Database Serverless
Azure SQL Database Managed Instance (MI)
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure CosmosDB
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Tables
Azure Data Lake Services (ADLS)
Determining the right Data Services to use

16 Migrating on-premises databases to Azure
Database Migration Assistant (DMA)
Azure Database Migration Service

17 Data Engineering
Data Engineering and Estate
Extract, transform, and loading data (ETL vs ELT)
Data sharing with Azure Data Share
Azure Data Factory
Pipelines, activities, and datasets
Orchestrating Data Copies
Azure Data Flow (Preview)
Use Case: Copying, combining, and enriching data

PART VI Azure services for application developers

18. Developing Azure-based applications
Considerations for Cloud-first development practices
Use case: Build and publish an ASP.Net WebApp
Containers and AKS
Use case: Build a .Net Core WebApp in Docker
Monitoring application health and performance in Azure
Designing IoT solutions

19. Azure DevOpsIntroducing Azure DevOps
Azure Repos
Azure Pipelines
Azure Boards
Azure Test Plans
Azure Artifacts
Use case: Development lifecycle demo using Azure Repo/GitHub, Pipelines, and CI/CD

PART VII Intelligent Cloud - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

20. Azure Cognitive Services (COGS)Introducing COGS
Use Case: ChatBots

21. Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Azure Machine Learning overview
Databricks/Spark overview
Use case: Azure Databricks for data scientists
Data preparation
ML Modeling using Azure Auto ML
Build DNN for classification
Parallel and distributed training
IoT and Edge IoT devices
Use case: Real world examples

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