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Religious Rules, State Law, and Normative Pluralism - A Comparative Overview

Paperback Engels 2018 9783319803289
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This book is devoted to the study
of the interplay
between religious rules and State law. It explores
how State recognition of religious rules can affect the degree of legal
diversity that is available to citizens and why such recognition sometime
results in more individual and collective freedom and sometime in a threat to
equality of citizens before the law. The first part of the book
contains a few contributions that place this discussion within the wider debate
on legal pluralism. While State
law and religious rules are two normative systems among many others, the
specific characteristics of the latter are at the heart of tensions that emerge
with increasing frequency in many countries. The
second part is devoted to the analysis of about twenty national cases that
provide an overview of the different tools and strategies that are employed to
manage the relationship between State law and religious rules all over the


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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<p>Religious Rules and Legal Pluralism - An Introduction; Silvio Ferrari.-&nbsp;State Norms, Religious Norms, and Claims of Plural Normativity under
Democratic Constitutions; Michele Graziadei.-&nbsp;Anthropological Perspectives on the Normative and Institutional
Recognition of Religion by the Law of the State; Martin Ramstedt.-&nbsp;Legal Pluralism: Freedom of Religion, Exemptions and Equality of
Citizens; Bryan S. Turner.-&nbsp;Applicable Religious Rules According to Austrian Law; Wolfgang
Wieshaider.-&nbsp;Religious Rules and Principles in Belgian Law; Louis-Léon Christians
and Adriaan Overbeeke.-&nbsp;The Relation between Religion and State in Brazilian Law; Jane Reis
Gonçalves Pereira.-&nbsp;The Colombian Legal System: Applicable Religious Rules; Vicente Prieto.-&nbsp;Estonia: Religious Rules and State Law; Merilin Kiviorg.-&nbsp;La France Face À Ses Religions; Jacques Robert.-&nbsp;The Interplay between State Law and Religious Law in Germany; Ino
Augsberg and Stefan Korioth.-&nbsp;Borders of Religious Authonomy in Hungary; Balázs Schanda.-&nbsp;Application of Religious Law in A Multi-Religion Nation State. The
Israeli Model; Asher Maoz.-&nbsp;Modifications Et Contradictions De La Réalité Socioreligieuse En
Italie. Profiles Juridiques Et Sociales; Roberto Mazzola.-&nbsp;Legal Pluralism and Conflicts in Malaysia: The Challenge of Embracing
Diversity; Nurjaanah Chew Li Hua.-&nbsp;The Status and Implementation of Islamic Law in Malaysia; Mohamed Azam
Mohamed Adil - Nisar Mohammad Ahmad.-&nbsp;Religious Rules and the Law of the Dutch State; Sophie van Bijsterveld.-&nbsp;Portugal. Religious Rules and State Law; Paulo Adragão - Anabela Leão.-&nbsp;L’application Des Règles Religieuses Dans Le Système Juridique Du
Québec; Jabeur Fathally.-&nbsp;Managing Religion through “Religious Harmony”: The Case of Singapore; Arif
A. Jamal.-&nbsp;Religion and the Constitutional Experience of South Africa; Pieter
Coertzen.-&nbsp;Striking the Balance between Religious Rules and State Law: Spain; Javier
Martínez-Torrón.-&nbsp;Religion and Law in the UK – An English Perspective On Applicable
Religious Rules According To The Law Of The State; Søren Holm and Javier García
Oliva.-&nbsp;Conclusion: In Pursuit of Pluralism; Russell Sandberg.-&nbsp;Appendix.</p><p></p>

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        Religious Rules, State Law, and Normative Pluralism - A Comparative Overview