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The Customer is NOT Always Right? Marketing Orientations in a Dynamic Business World

Proceedings of the 2011 World Marketing Congress

Paperback Engels 2018 9783319842981
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This volume includes the full proceedings from the 2011 World Marketing Congress held in Reims, France with the theme The Customer is NOT Always Right? Marketing Orientations in a Dynamic Business World. The focus of the conference and the enclosed papers is on marketing thought and practices throughout the world. This volume resents papers on various topics including marketing management, marketing strategy, and consumer behavior.   
Founded in 1971, the Academy of Marketing Science is an international organization dedicated to promoting timely explorations of phenomena related to the science of marketing in theory, research, and practice. Among its services to members and the community at large, the Academy offers conferences, congresses and symposia that attract delegates from around the world. Presentations from these events are published in this Proceedings series, which offers a comprehensive archive of volumes reflecting the evolution of the field. Volumes deliver cutting-edge research and insights, complimenting the Academy’s flagship journals, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) and AMS Review. Volumes are edited by leading scholars and practitioners across a wide range of subject areas in marketing science.​ 


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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Session Number: 1.1: Innovation in Marketing.- Session Number:  1.3: Advertising Impressions.- Session Number: 1.4: Cross-Cultural Research.-  Session Number: 1.6: Farmers and Informal Marketing.- Session Number: 1.7: Issues in Wine Marketing.- Session Number: 1.8: Counterfeit Products, Crowd Behavior in Sport Events.- Session  Number: 1.9: Brand Power and Issues in Sports Management.- Session Number: 2.15: Poster Presentations.- Session Number: 2.3: Consumer Behavior I.- Session Number: 2.4: Consumer Attitudes and Reactions.- Session Number: 2.5: New Frontiers in Emotions.- Session Number: 2.6: Fashion Decision Making and Purchasing Behavior.- Session Number: 2.7: Luxury and Arts.- Session Number: 2.8: Marketing and the Law.- Session Number: 2.9: Pricing Strategies in Retailing and Services.- Session Number: 3.3: Social Aspects of Advertising.- Session Number: 3.4: Global Branding and Consumption.- Session Number: 3.5: Entrepreneurship I.- Session Number: 3.6: Global Marketing I.- Session Number: 3.7: Market Learning and Competitive Advantage.- Session Number: 3.8: Branding Issues Related to Performance, Trust and Quality.- Session Number: 3.9: European Wine Marketing.- Session Number: 4.10: Mindful Consumers.- Session Number: 4.11: Psychology and Sport. Exploring Attitude and Relationships Between Consumer Groups.- Session Number: 4.2: Getting Quality Responses in Market Surveys.- Session Number: 4.3: Affect of Effect in Advertising.- Session Number: 4.4: Co-Creation and Cooperation.- Session Number: 4.5: Dealing with negative emotions.- Session Number: 4.6: Health Marketing.- Session Number: 4.7: Consumer Interest in CSR and Business Ethics.- Session Number: 4.8: Customer Experience.- Session Number: 4.9: Providing Customer Solutions.- Session Number: 5.11: Sponsorship and Sport.- Session Number: 5.2: Methodological Issues Related to Internet Surveys.- Session Number: 5.4: Co‐Creation and Involvement.- Session Number: 5.5: Entrepreneurship II.- Session Number: 5.6: Global Marketing II.- Session Number: 5.7: Consumer Vulnerability and Protection.- Session Number: 5.8: Importance of Branding.- Session Number: 5.9: Customer Experience.-  Session Number: 6.10: Customer Reactions.- Session Number: 6.2: Social Responsibility.- Session Number: 6.3: Advertising Execution.- Session Number: 6.4: Consumer is Not Always Right?.- Session Number: 6.5: The Self and Emotion.- Session Number: 6.6: Creating Innovation.- Session Number: 6.7: Cultural Perspectives in Marketing Ethics.- Session Number: 6.8: Organizational Issues and Processes.- Session Number: 6.9: Front Line Employees.- Session Number: 7.1: You Can Show them the Risk. You Can't Tell them it's Risky. So Why Don't They Believe You?.- Session Number: 7.3: Customer Reactions.- Session Number: 7.4: Distribution and SCM.- Session Number: 7.5: Teaching and Innovation II.- Session Number: 7.6: Global Marketing III.- Session Number: 7.7: Marketing Research Tools & Techniques.- Session Number: 7.8: Relationship Marketing in  Service Context.- Session 8.15: Poster Presentations.- Session Number: 8.3: Cognitive Influences.- Session Number: 8.4: E-­‐Shopping I.- Session Number: 8.5: Emerging Market Issues.- Session Number: 8.6: Strategy for Innovation.- Session Number: 8.7: Marketing Research Tools & Techniques.- Session Number: 8.8: Relationship Strategy 1.- Session Number: 8.9: Service Failure & Recovery.- Session Number: 8.10: Rethinking Reputation Research.- Session Number: 9.1: Tweeting Birds: An Aviary Lifestyle Segmentation Strategy for Social Media.- Session Number: 9.10: New  Technology for Business Education: The Moodle Way.- Session Number: 9.11: The Tourist Experience.- Session Number: 9.3: Account Management, Trust and Sustainability.- Session Number: 9.4: Selling with Electronic Media.- Session Number: 9.5: Job Involvement, Burnout and Deviance: Day in the Life of a Sales Person.- Session Number: 9.7: Psychology in Service Marketing & Marketing Orientation.- Session Number: 9.8: Relationship Strategy 2.- Session Number: 9.9: Service Failure & Switching Behaviors.-  Session Number: 10.3: Consumer Differences.- Session Number: 10.4: Doctoral Colloquium.- Session Number: 10.5: Market Orientation: Antecedence and Consequences.- Session Number: 10.6: Influencing consumer decision making through online promotions and reviews.- Session Number: 10.7: Marketing and Finance.- Session Number: 10.8: Franchising, Internet and Loyalty.- Session Number: 10.9: Behavior change in Social Marketing.- Session Number: 11.1: Consumer Behavior VI.- Session Number: 11.2: Writing, Teaching and Using Case Studies in Marketing.- Session Number: 11.3: Organizational Learning, Pricing and Simulations.- Session Number: 11.4: New Media, New Customers? Understanding what Works.-  Session Number: 11.5: Teaching and Innovation I.- Session Number: 11.6: Bank Marketing II.-  Session Number: 11.7: Value, Alliance and Dynamics.- Session Number: 11.8: Retail Strategy.- Session Number: 11.9: Social Marketing and Harmful Behavior.-  Session Number: 12.11:  Tourism Marketing.- Session  Number: 12.3: Becoming Green.- Session Number: 12.4: BRIC Markets I.- Session Number: 12.5: Understanding Social Marketing: Where are we  now?.- Session Number: 12.6: Reaching Consumers in the 21st Century through Advertising and Social Media.- Session Number: 12.7: Pricing Behavior and CRM.-  Session Number: 12.8: Retailing and Consumer Behavior.

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        The Customer is NOT Always Right? Marketing Orientations in a Dynamic Business World