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Boeken van Paul 't Hart

Paul 't Hart Lars Tummers
Understanding Public Leadership
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A new edition of a popular textbook that provides a systematic and up-to-date introduction to the different approaches to understanding leadership in the public sector. Meer
Mallory Compton Paul 't Hart
Great Policy Successes
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This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY NC ND 4.0 licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations. Meer
Hart, Paul 't
Understanding Policy Fiascoes
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A crisis of governance is widespread in western societies. Public administration is caught in a web of personal and organizational inter-dependencies that require continuous awareness and readjustment on the part of its practitioners. Meer
Mark Bovens Paul 't Hart Mark van Twist Lars Tummers Martijn van der Steen Caspar van den Berg
Openbaar Bestuur
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Dit boek geeft studenten, bestuurders en ambtenaren een grondige kennismaking in de wereld van openbaar bestuur. Meer
Boin, Arjen
Politics of Crisis Management
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Crisis management has become a defining feature of contemporary governance. In times of crisis, communities and members of organizations expect their leaders to minimize the impact, while critics and bureaucratic competitors make use of social media to blame incumbent rulers and their policies. Meer

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