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Bricolage, Care and Information

Claudio Ciborra's Legacy in Information Systems Research

Gebonden Engels 2009 9780230220737
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Claudio Ciborra was one of the most innovative thinkers in the field of information systems. This book explains the intellectual contribution of Ciborra's work in a substantial introductory chapter, contains the most significant of his articles, and provides a sample of research that draws from his ideas.


Uitgever:Palgrave Macmillan UK


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Introduction: Information Systems and the Quest for Meaning; G.F.Lanzara TRACING CIBORRA'S THOUGHT: FROM INSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS TO PHENOMENOLOGY The Mind or the Heart? It Depends on (The Definition Of) the Situation; C.Ciborra Improvisation as Mood; C.Ciborra Imbrication of Representations: Risk and Digital Technologies; C.Ciborra Interpreting E-Government and Development: Efficiency, Transparency or Governance at a Distance? C.Ciborra From Tool to Gestell: Agendas for Managing the Information Infrastructure; C.Ciborra & O.Hanseth The Platform Organization: Recombining Strategies, Structures, and Surprises; C.Ciborra Formative Contexts and Information Technology: Understanding The Dynamics of Innovation in Organizations; C.Ciborra  & G.F.Lanzara Organizational Learning and Core Capabilities Development: The Role of IT; C.Ciborra & R.Andreu From Thinking to Tinkering: The Grassroots of Strategic Information Systems; C.Ciborra Reframing the Role Of Computers in Organizations: The Transactions Costs Approach; C.Ciborra Markets, Bureaucracies and Groups in the Information Society: An Institutional Appraisal of the Impacts of Information Technology; C.Ciborra BUILDING ON HIS LEGACY Climbing the Learning Ladder to a 'Phenomenological' View; A.Resca Hospitality, Improvization and Gestell: A Phenomenology of Mobile Information; M.Brigham & L.D.Introna The Hospitality Metaphor as a Theoretical Lens to Understand the Process of ICT Adoption; A.Zanela Saccol The Validity of the Improvization Argument in the Implementation of Rigid Technology: The Case of ERP Systems; A.Elbanna Object Lessons and Invisible Technologies; E.A.Whitley  & M.Darking Control Devolution as Information Infrastructure Design Strategy: A Case Study Of a Content Service Platform for Mobile Phones in Norway; P.Nielsen  & M.Aanestad Transaction Costs and Information Systems: Does IT Add Up? A.Cordella Dispositioning IT All: A Theory for Thriving Without Models; I.Angell  & F.Ilharco

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        Bricolage, Care and Information