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Personality Psychology

Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature ISE

Paperback Engels 2023 9781266280986
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Personality psychology is a field devoted to the study of all that it means to be human, and with Personality Psychology 8e, Larsen and Buss capture the excitement of the discipline. This text is unique in two significant ways. First, rather than arranging their text around the traditional grand theories of personality, Larsen and Buss instead used a framework of six domains of knowledge about personality functioning: the dispositional domain, the biological domain, the intrapsychic domain, the cognitive-experiential domain, the societal and cultural domain, and the adjustment domain.

Research in the field reinforces the fact that these domains effectively organize the key theories within personality psychology. In addition to the six major organizing themes, Personality Psychology 8e also differs from other personality texts in the importance placed on culture, gender, and biology, areas of personality scholarship that have shown substantial growth in recent years.




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Chapter 1: Introduction to Personality Psychology
Chapter 2: Personality Assessment, Measurement, and Research Design

Part 1 The Dispositional Domain
Chapter 3: Traits and Trait Taxonomies
Chapter 4: Theoretical and Measurement Issues in Trait Psychology
Chapter 5: Personality Dispositions over Time: Stability, Coherence, and Change

Part 2 The Biological Domain
Chapter 6: Genetics and Personality
Chapter 7: Physiological Approaches to Personality
Chapter 8: Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality

Part 3 The Intrapsychic Domain
Chapter 9: Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality
Chapter 10: Psychoanalytic Approaches: Contemporary Issues
Chapter 11: Motives and Personality

Part 4 The Cognitive/Experiential Domain
Chapter 12: Cognitive Topics in Personality
Chapter 13: Emotion and Personality
Chapter 14: Approaches to the Self

Part 5 The Social and Cultural Domain
Chapter 15: Personality and Social Interaction
Chapter 16: Sex, Gender, and Personality
Chapter 17: Culture and Personality

Part 6 The Adjustment Domain
Chapter 18: Stress, Coping, Adjustment, and Health
Chapter 19: Disorders of Personality

Chapter 20: Summary and Future Directions

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        Personality Psychology