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The Art of Prompt Engineering with chatGPT

A Hands-On Guide

Paperback Engels 2023 9781739296711
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ChatGPT is an incredible AI tool that has the potential to revolutionise the way we work. Bill Gates recently stated that ChatGPT is as big an invention as the internet, and that it could essentially change the world. However, to be able to get the most out of ChatGPT, and move beyond simple use cases, you will need to learn the art of prompt engineering.

This book is designed to help you learn the art of working with ChatGPT in such a way that you get much better. This skill, prompt engineering, is what separates good from great when it comes to using ChatGPT.

- Learn 4 core techniques and tools to write better prompts
- Learn 2 advanced prompt engineering tools to take your knowledge to the next level
- Discover how GPT-4 is a game-changer and become an early adopter
- Explore 9 in-depth use cases to understand how to apply these techniques and tools
- Multiple exercises for each technique and tool to ensure you learn by doing
- Beautiful illustrations throughout the book
- Accessible language in a personal tone
- Written by a senior trainer as a narrated instruction manual and guide

The book is divided into six parts to take you step by step into your ChatGPT Journey.


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Part I: Introduction
Preface: Keeping Your Humanity
A Hands-on Guide - Not a Lecture
Getting Set Up
The Growing AI Landscape
Hoe Does ChatGPT Sound Human

Part II: Tools & Techniques
Conversational Approach to ChatGPT
Time for Roleplay with ChatGPT
Training ChatGPT
Chunking in ChatGPT

Part III: Advanced Prompt Engineering
Co-Creation with ChatGPT
[Format] Your Output in ChatGPT
Using ChatGPT without using ChatGPT

Part IV: GPT-4
Getting Access to GPT-4
The Hype Was Wrong
More Context = More Power
Multimodal - Image Input
More Accurate, But Still Probabilistic

Part V: Use Cases
In the Work Place
Writing Things
Personal Use

Part IV: The Future has Just Begun
Beyond Moore's Law
The Rise of AI Beyond ChatGPT
AI Will Not Replace You

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        The Art of Prompt Engineering with chatGPT