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Research Handbook of Responsible Management

Gebonden Engels 2020 9781788971959
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Outlining both historical foundations and the latest research trends, this Research Handbook offers a unique and cutting-edge overview of the numerous avenues to responsible management. Opening with a conceptual mapping of the field, thought leaders such as Henry Mintzberg and Archie Carroll present foundational and controversial views. Frameworks such as sustainability management, responsible leadership, humanistic and biomimetic management are introduced.

Glocal approaches include responsible management with Chinese characteristics, West African Yoruba, and American Pragmatism. Exploring frameworks for the responsible management process, such as theories of practice, and for responsible management learning and innovation, readers are introduced to key methods responsible management research, such as participatory action research. Groundbreaking in scope and depth, this Handbook caters to the responsible management research community, particularly to the Academy of Management and to United Nations PRME signatory business schools.

Policymakers and practitioners will benefit from its insight into the latest advances in responsible management research.

N.J. Adler, S. Almeida, O. Andrianova, E. Antonacopoulou, J.M. Bartunek, M. Beckmann, A.J. Beveridge, L. Bizzi, V. Blok, N. Bocken, L. Carollo, A.B. Carrol, R. Colbourne, M. Constantinescu, F. Cooren, S.N. Dmitrieva, S. Dmytrev, R.E. Freeman, P. Fu, M.C. Gentile, S. Gherardi, L. Godwin, J.F.S. Gomes, M. Guerci, T. Hahn, E. Iñigo, D. Jamali, H. Jiang, D.A. Jones, M. Kaptein, S. Kennedy, D. King, N. Kuriyama, O. Laasch, C. Land, N.E. Landrum, K. Langmead, T.B. Long, S. Looser, J. Mair, M. Manidis, T.M.G. Marques, L. McCarthy, T.L. Mead, D. Melé, S. Mena, J.P. Mika, H. Mintzberg, N. Nguyen, O. Obiorah, W. Ocasio, K. Ogunyemi, E. Osagie, T. Padan, S. Parker, I. Pavez, M. Pirson, O.M. Price, S. Pulcher, Q. Qu, M. Racz, N. Radoynovska, A. Rasche, H. Rintamäki, D.E. Rupp, S. Schaltegger, J. Schrempf-Stirling, J. Schwalbach, D. Schoeneborn, C. Seelos, L.E. Sekerka, Y. Sidani, N. Slawinski, N. Strah, A. Strati, C. Stutz, R. Suddaby, C. Tams, S. Tams, H. Trittin-Ulbrich, C. Van der Byl, E. van Mil, R. van Tulder, S. Waddock, R. Wesselink, C.R. Willness, B. Yang, I. Yi Ren


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Over Roy Suddaby

Roy Suddaby is the Winspear Chair of Management at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business in Victoria, Canada, and a Chair in Organisation Theory at the Management School of University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. His research focuses on the critical role of symbolic resources — legitimacy, authenticity, identity, and history — in improving an organization's competitive position. His current research examines the changing social and symbolic role of the modern corporation.

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1 Mapping the emerging field of responsible management: domains, spheres, themes, and future research 2
Oliver Laasch, Roy Suddaby, R. Edward Freeman and Dima Jamali
2 Can management ever be responsible? Alternative organizing and the three irresponsibilities of management 40
Kiri Langmead, Chris Land and Daniel King
3 What ‘are’ responsible management? A conceptual potluck 56
Archie B. Carroll, Nancy J. Adler, Henry Mintzberg, François Cooren, Roy Suddaby, R. Edward Freeman and Oliver Laasch

4 Mintzberg on (ir)responsible management 73
Henry Mintzberg and Oliver Laasch
5 From managerial responsibility to CSR and back to responsible management 84
Archie B. Carroll and Oliver Laasch
6 Responsible management as re-enchantment and retrovation 91
Roy Suddaby and Oliver Laasch
7 Responsible leadership and management: key distinctions and shared concerns 100
Nancy J. Adler and Oliver Laasch
8 From ‘management sucks’ to ‘responsible management rocks!’ 113
R. Edward Freeman and Oliver Laasch

9 Sustainability management from a responsible management perspective 122
Markus Beckmann, Stefan Schaltegger and Nancy E. Landrum
10 Responsible leadership and/versus responsible management 138
Tânia M. G. Marques and Jorge F. S. Gomes
11 Ethics management and ethical management: mapping criteria and interventions to support responsible management practice 155
Mihaela Constantinescu and Muel Kaptein
12 Responsible governance: broadening the corporate governance discourse to include positive duties and collective action 175
Rob van Tulder and Eveline van Mil
13 Humanistic management as integrally responsible management? 195
Michael Pirson
14 Bioinspiration as a guide for responsible management 212
Taryn L. Mead and Nancy E. Landrum

15 The United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals 228
Andreas Rasche
16 The multinational perspective on responsible management: managing risk-responsibility trade-offs across borders 242
Rob van Tulder
17 Responsible management: an Indigenous perspective 260
Jason Paul Mika, Rick Colbourne and Shamika Almeida
18 Islamic perspective of responsible management 277
Yusuf Sidani
19 Catholic social teaching and responsible management 292
Domènec Melé
20 Responsible management with Chinese characteristics 304
Pingping Fu, Qing Qu, Bo Yang and Huihua Jiang
21 The Japanese perspective on responsible management 318
Naoki Kuriyama
22 Responsible managers for the common good: African (Igbo and Yoruba) perspectives on responsible management 332
Kemi Ogunyemi and Ogechi Obiorah
23 “Honorable merchant” and “handshake quality”: interpretations of individually responsible leadership 345
Stéphanie Looser and Joachim Schwalbach
24 American pragmatism and responsible management: the role of John Dewey 364
Svetlana N. Dmitrieva, R. Edward Freeman and Sergiy D. Dmytriyev

25 Corporate social responsibility at the individual level of analysis: research findings that inform responsible management “in the wild” 375
Chelsea R. Willness, David A. Jones, Nicole Strah and Deborah E. Rupp
26 Enacting responsible management: a practice-based perspective 392
Oriana Milani Price, Silvia Gherardi and Marie Manidis
27 Beauty of responsible management: the lens and methodology of organizational aesthetics 410
Antonio Strati
28 The emerging logic of responsible management: institutional pluralism, leadership, and strategizing 420
Nevena Radoynovska, William Ocasio and Oliver Laasch
29 Responsible management of sustainability tensions: a paradoxical approach to grand challenges 438
Connie Van der Byl, Natalie Slawinski and Tobias Hahn
30 Consensus vs. dissensus: the communicative constitution of responsible management 453
Dennis Schoeneborn, Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich and François Cooren
31 Managing the past responsibly: a collective memory perspective on responsibility, sustainability and ethics 470
Sébastien Mena and Jukka Rintamäki

32 Responsible managers’ workplace learning 485
Olga Andrianova and Elena Antonacopoulou
33 Responsible management unlearning 501
Tali Padan and Nhien Nguyen
34 Differentiating CSR managers’ roles and competencies: taking conflicts as a starting point 516
Renate Wesselink and Eghe R. Osagie
35 Giving voice to values: responsible management as facilitation of ethical voice 532
Carsten Tams and Mary C. Gentile
36 A strength-based approach to responsible management: professional moral courage and moral competency 549
Leslie E. Sekerka
37 The dynamics of responsible careers and their impact on societal issues: a conceptual framework 565
Svenja Tams

38 Responsible job crafting 583
Lorenzo Bizzi
39 Whistleblowing as a crucial practice for responsible management 594
Luca Carollo, Simone Pulcher and Marco Guerci
40 Responsible management of innovation in business 606
Thomas B. Long, Edurne Iñigo and Vincent Blok
41 Social innovation: specifying pathways for impact 624
Christian Seelos and Johanna Mair
42 Innovating business models for sustainability: an essential practice for responsible managers 640
Steve Kennedy and Nancy Bocken
43 Institutional work and (ir)responsible management 654
Lauren McCarthy and Sébastien Mena
44 Memes, transformational change, and responsible leadership 670
Sandra Waddock

45 Critically responsible management: agonistic answers to antagonistic questions 686
Marton Racz and Simon Parker
46 Realizing the critical performative potential of responsible organizational research through participant action research 700
Kiri Langmead and Daniel King
47 Inquiring into change and innovation for greater responsibility through an appreciative inquiry lens 715
‘Alim J. Beveridge, Lindsey Godwin and Ignacio Pavez
48 Creating standards for responsible translation of management research for practitioners 729
Isabelle Yi Ren and Jean M. Bartunek
49 Using the past responsibly: what responsible managers and management academics can learn from historians’ professional ethics 745
Christian Stutz and Judith Schrempf-Stirling

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        Research Handbook of Responsible Management