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Technology Transfer

Gebonden Engels 1975 9789028605732
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Several formerly independent trends including the in­ creasing rate of technological change, the demand for greater efficiency and productivity in R&D and innovation, and the need for applying technology to the solution of pressing social and economic problems have recently begun to reinforce each other resulting in renewed interest in technology trans­ fer activities and research. The proliferation of research efforts in the U. S. and Western Europe, increased corporate and governmental efforts to develop mechanisms and incentives for transfer and the growing closeness between transfer and innovation studies led to the decision to convene a meeting with representatives from both research and practice in trans­ fer and innovation in order to establish a "state-of-the-art" baseline and to promote discussion between the researchers and practioners from all sectors in the hope that new research will better reflect the realities of current practice and new mechanisms created by practioners might be improved through the use of knowledge generated from research. How close we came~to the second goal is a question which must be left to the fut~re. The proceedings which follow re­ flect the first goal. If the papers and conclusions occasional­ ly appear to be contradictory or repetitive, or naive, or over­ ly pessimistic or simply based upon too narrow a base or re­ search or experience, they are an accurate reflection of both the state-of-the-art and the lack of communications among in­ dividuals and organizations involved in similar activities.


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I: An Overview of the Meeting.- Chairman’s Introduction “Technology Transfer: Where We Stand Today”.- II: Fundamental Concepts and Empirical Evidence: Technology Transfer and Innovation.- Information, Idea Generation and Technological Innovation.- Current Problems in Transferring Science to Technology.- Coupling Patterns in Science and Technology.- Coupling Invention to Innovation.- From Invention to the Marketplace—Successfully.- Conditions for Successful Technology Transfer and Innovation in the United Kingdom.- An Examination of Process Innovation in Petroleum Refining.- How an Organization Decides to Innovate.- Institutional Roles in Technology Transfer: A Diagnosis of the Situation in One Small Country.- Institutional Barriers to the Science and Technology Interaction.- Forecasting the Diffusion of Technology.- Basic Research on Technology Transfer.- III: The Public Sector.- Government’s Role in the Transfer of Technology.- Barriers and Stimulants to the Transfer of Public Technology.- Characteristics of Technology Transfer from the Public to Private Sector.- Technology Transfer: From Theoretical Psychology to Managerial Technology.- Empirical Study on Barriers to Technological Transfer in the Field of Educational Technology.- Technology Transfer in Human Resources Research.- Barriers and Incentives to Technology Transfer into the United States Courts.- Technology Transfer from the Defence to the Civilian Sector in Israel.- The Transfer of Systems Technology from Military to Industrial Applications.- A Methodology Used to Transfer Future Technology from the Military to the Civilian Environment.- Transferring Existing Technology into the Public Sector.- Contributions to Technology and Their Transfer: The NASA Experience.- IV: International Issues in Technology Transfer.- Technology and International Relations: A View Back and Ahead.- International Comparative Technology Transfer.- Transfer of Technology Through International Licensing.- Max P. (Maximizing Profits) Or How To Obtain Higher Financial Rewards from International Technology Transfer.- International Technology Transfer in One Industry—Aircraft.- Technology Transfer in Japan.- Technology Transfer in Developing Countries.- Technology Transfer in “Partially Developed” Countries.- Obstacles to the Transfer and Adaptation of Imported Technology in the African Countries.- V: Industry Experiences.- Technological Innovation in the Corporate Environment.- Factors Making Product Innovation Successful.- Technology Transfer of Curiosity Orientated Research.- Acquisition of Technology as One Specific Way to Achieve Technology Transfer.- The Technical Ventures Operation.- The Technology Workshop: A Knowledge Application Facilitator.- Social Responsibility: An Experimental Approach.- Report of a Workshop on the Industrial Application of Technology Transfer.- VI: Keynote Address.- Technology: Modern Man’s Magic.

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        Technology Transfer