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Wired Marketing – Energizing Business for e–Commerce

Energizing Business for e–Commerce

Paperback Engels 2001 9780471496458
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Wired Marketing provides a unique mix of strategic and technical knowledge designed primarily for students on marketing–related courses. It focuses on the Internet as a marketing tool in the context of rapidly changing business and consumer markets, including the emergence of eCommerce on the World Wide Web. Part one of the book deepens the marketing concept, by providing an overall outline of the role and importance of Internet marketing to e–commerce. In particular the first part of the book looks at the technological–driven shift in the marketing paradigm from direct marketing towards interactive marketing on the World Wide Web. Part one also outlines the fundamental Internet based changes in both the consumer and business–to–business markets.

The second part of the book broadens the marketing concept by exploring the move towards new interactive forms of marketing and changing communication processes as a consequence. It proposes, for example, in the chapter on marketing communications an e–based communications mix that illustrates the impact of new technology. This broadening of the marketing concept, by the Internet is extended further through a focus on supply chain management. Here we explore the way the Internet is changing how enterprises interact with their suppliers, partners and customers. It looks at the implications for managing the customer. The music industry is one of a number of examples used.

The final part of the book is intended to provide a marketing and e–commerce "toolkit" for the Internet. Part four will provide useful web–links to marketing sites of importance, offering leading edge marketing information and useful software applications. In particular this section will provide an insight into Advanced Web based marketing technology for the Internet. Finally the book will consider approaches towards strategic Internet marketing planning with a particular focus on flexibility, speed and the customer. The style of the book is to encourage the application of practical knowledge, but it also attempts to offer in–depth understanding of the changing nature of marketing through trading by e–commerce. The main text willl be supplemented with extensive practical case examples and also various web links which illustrate that the Internet is radically altering marketing and e–commerce practices. Supplementary materials for lectures will be provided on a web site.


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<p>Preface xi</p>
<p>Foreword xiii</p>
<p>Acknowledgements xv</p>
<p>Part 1 Marketing transformation on the Internet</p>
<p>Chapter 1 Introduction to Internet Marketing 3</p>
<p>The marketing concept: a brief history 4</p>
<p>Electronic commerce and the Internet revolution 9</p>
<p>Online selling through the Internet 13</p>
<p>The evolution from direct into interactive online marketing 14</p>
<p>Objectives of the book 16</p>
<p>Structure of the book 17</p>
<p>Distinctive features 17</p>
<p>Conclusion 18</p>
<p>References 19</p>
<p>Chapter 2 Business models for interactive marketing 21</p>
<p>Evolution of Internet–based business models 22</p>
<p>The emerging role of syndication 32</p>
<p>Model implementation and evaluation 34</p>
<p>Conclusion 36</p>
<p>References 37</p>
<p>Chapter 3 Online resources for internet marketing techniques 39</p>
<p>The interactive marketing information systems 40</p>
<p>Route map to the foundations of Internet technology 41</p>
<p>Communications infrastructure for web–based marketing 47</p>
<p>Cyberspace information for interactive marketing 53</p>
<p>Building your market intelligence tools 56</p>
<p>Conclusion 58</p>
<p>References 59</p>
<p>Part 2 Interactive marketing and the marketing process</p>
<p>Chapter 4 Marketing communications on the Internet 63</p>
<p>Process of online marketing communications 63</p>
<p>E–business grid for integrated marketing communication 68</p>
<p>Interactive marketing communication tools 74</p>
<p>Technological developments for marketing communications 82</p>
<p>Conclusions 86</p>
<p>References 87</p>
<p>Chapter 5 The Internet customer and relationship marketing 89</p>
<p>Theoretical basis of relationship marketing 91</p>
<p>Buyer–supplier relationships on the Internet 94</p>
<p>Developing web relations 97</p>
<p>Strategic benefits of virtual relationships 99</p>
<p>Conclusion 101</p>
<p>References 101</p>
<p>Chapter 6 New buyer behavior direction through virtual communities 103</p>
<p>Interactive marketing directions for e–commerce 103</p>
<p>Marketing transformation through virtual environments 109</p>
<p>Evolution of buyer behavior concepts on the World Wide Web 116</p>
<p>Hypermedia support for new media based buyer behavior 121</p>
<p>Conclusion 125</p>
<p>References 126</p>
<p>Chapter 6 New buyer behavior directions through virtual communities 103</p>
<p>Interactive marketing directions for e–commerce 103</p>
<p>Marketing transformation through virtual environments 109</p>
<p>Evolution of buyer behavior concepts on the World Wide Web 116</p>
<p>Hypermedia support for new media buyer behavior 121</p>
<p>Conclusion 125</p>
<p>References 126</p>
<p>Part 3 Managing your customer through e–commerce</p>
<p>Chapter 7 Supply chain management for Internet commerce 129</p>
<p>Structural and supply chain redesign issues 130</p>
<p>The potential role of the Internet 132</p>
<p>Virtual sourcing 137</p>
<p>Supplier sourcing decision 140</p>
<p>Developing partnerships on the Internet 141</p>
<p>Performance measurement on the Internet 142</p>
<p>Conclusion 145</p>
<p>References 146</p>
<p>Chapter 8 Consumer on–line payment solution for e–commerce 149</p>
<p>An integrated approach towards e–commerce 149</p>
<p>Vital components for consumer online e–commerce 149</p>
<p>Steps in processing online credit card transactions 156</p>
<p>How to build a successful e–commerce site 160</p>
<p>Products and tools for building your e–commerce site 163</p>
<p>Conclusion 165</p>
<p>References 167</p>
<p>Chapter 9 Privacy and security issues for e–commerce 169</p>
<p>Electronic commerce safety and network security 170</p>
<p>Authentication 174</p>
<p>Securing data integrity, privacy, and accountability 176</p>
<p>Conclusion 189</p>
<p>References 189</p>
<p>Chapter 10 Marketing ethics on the Internet 191</p>
<p>Emergence of accountable marketing 192</p>
<p>Working towards a code of ethical conduct on the Web 194</p>
<p>Main issues of ethical concern 195</p>
<p>Rules of ownership 199</p>
<p>Enforcement and operationalizing ethical codes 203</p>
<p>Conclusion 205</p>
<p>References 206</p>
<p>Part 4 Internet tools for wired marketing</p>
<p>Chapter 11 Advanced web technology for interactive marketing 211</p>
<p>Intersection between marketing and open–source solutions 212</p>
<p>Intelligent agent software for personalized information and e–commerce 214</p>
<p>Mobile push and pull technologies 220</p>
<p>Web–to–database integration 224</p>
<p>Broadband application across the Web 228</p>
<p>Conclusion 231</p>
<p>References 232</p>
<p>Chapter 12 Strategic Internet marketing planning 235</p>
<p>Business and market analysis 237</p>
<p>Integrated online marketing communications strategies 239</p>
<p>Internet marketing: planning development paths 243</p>
<p>Internet marketing budget and resources allocation 245</p>
<p>Risk analysis and contingency planning 248</p>
<p>Conclusion 251</p>
<p>References 253</p>
<p>Glossary 255</p>
<p>Subject Index 263</p>

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