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Towards the E-Society

E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government

Gebonden Engels 2001 9780792375296
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I3E 2001 is the first in a series of conferences on e-commerce, e-business, and- government organised by the three IFIP committees TC6, TC8, and TC11. It provides a forum, where users, engineers, and scientists from academia, industry, and government can present their latest findings in e-commerce, e-business, and- government applications and the underlying technology to support those applications. The conference comprises a main track and mini tracks dedicated to special topics. The papers presented in the main track were rigorously refereed and selected by the International Programme Committee of the conference. Thematically they were grouped in the following sessions: – Sessions on security and trust, comprising nine papers referring to both trust and security in general as well as presenting specific concepts for enhancing trust in the digital society. – Session on inter-organisational transactions, covering papers related to auditing of inter-organizational trade procedures, cross-organizational workflow and transactions in Business to Business platforms. – Session on virtual enterprises, encompassing papers describing innovative approaches for creating virtual enterprises as well as describing examples of virtual enterprises in specific industries. – Session on online communities containing three papers, which provide case studies of specific online communities and various concepts on how companies can build and harness the potential of online communities. – Sessions on strategies and business models with papers describing specific business models as well as general overviews of specific approaches for E- Strategy formulation.


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Conferences Committees. List of Reviewers. Acknowledgements. Preface. Main Track - Part One: Security and Trust. 1. Trust Based Contracting in Virtual Organizations; K. Lenz, A. Oberweis, S. Schneider. 2. Trustbuilders and Trustbusters; J. Riegelsberger, M.A. Sasse. 3. A Taxonomy for Trusted Services; J. Ølnes. 4. System Models, e-Risks and e-Trust; T. Dimitrakos. 5. Digital Evidence; N. Lundblad. 6. Security Requirements of E-Business Processes; K. Knorr, S. Röhrig. 7. Performance Analysis of Smart Card-Based Fingerprint Recognition for Secure User Authentication; Young-Hee Gil, Yongwha Chung, Dosung An, Jihuyn Moon, Hakil Kim. 8. Fingerprint Authentication System for Smart Cards; N. Kaku, T. Murayama, S. Yamamoto. 9. Tamper-Resistance Network; K. Kuramitsu, K. Sakamura. Main Track - Part Two: Inter-Organisational Transactions. 10. Pattern-directed auditing of inter-organisational trade procedures; R.M. Lee, R.W.H. Bons, R.W. Wagenaar. 11. Cross-organizational Workflow Management; O. Kulendik, K. Rothermel, R. Siebert. 12. Modelling a Business To Business Intermediation Platform; A.K. Kaltabani, M.A. Lambrou, G.T. Karetsos, M.E. Anagnostou. Main Track - Part Three: Virtual Enterprises. 13. Towards Dynamic Virtual Enterprises; V. Ouzounis, V. Tschammer. 14. A Semi-Automated Brokerage for a Virtual Organization of Mould and Die Industries in Brazil; R.J. Rabelo, R.V. Vallejos. 15. An engineering approach to develop BusinessNetworks; R. Alt, C. Reichmayr, T. Puschmann, F. Leser, H. Oesterle. Main Track &endash; Part Four: Online Communities. 16. The Community Model of Content Management; J. Hummel, U. Lechner. 17. Learning About the Online Customer: A. Nyberg, O. Henfridsson. 18. Information Dissemination in Virtual Communities as Challenge to Real World Companies; C. Lueg. Main Track &endash; Part Five: Strategies and Business Models. 19. Insights into IST and E-business Strategy Development; D.H. Brown, P.J. Robinson. 20. E-commerce strategy formulation; L. Labuschagne, J. Eloff. 21. Business Models for Information Goods Electronic Commerce; F. Wijnhoven. 22. Implications of e-Commerce for Banking and Finance; M.S.H. Heng. 23. Electronic Commerce Use in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises; F. Karakaya, O. Khalil. 24. The Development of E-Commerce in Malaysia; A. Sulaiman, R. Jani, S. Bahri. 25. Employing the Balanced Scorecard for the Online Media Business; M. Anding, T. Hess. 26. A Model for Value-added Internet Service Provisioning; H. Kneer, U. Zurfluh, B. Stiller. Main Track &endash; Part Six: Customer Relationships. 27. A Mechanism for Evaluating Feedback of E-Commerce Sites; K. Renaud, P. Kotzé, T. van Dyk. 28. Feature-oriented vs. Needs-oriented Product Access for Non-Expert Online Shoppers; D. Felix, C. Niederberger, P. Steiger, M. Stolze. 29. An Architecture for Web-Based Post-Sales Service in a Flexible Manufacturing Environment; Weidong Zhang, F. Coenen, P. Leng

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        Towards the E-Society