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Bookkeeping Kit For Dummies

Paperback Engels 2012 9781118116456
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The easy way to get a handle on bookkeeping

Accurate and complete bookkeeping is crucial to any business owner, but it′s also important to those who work with the business, such as investors, financial institutions, and employees. Bookkeeping For Dummies provides the easy and painless way to master this critical skill.

You′ll get clear and concise information on keeping track of transactions, figuring out balance sheets, keeping ledgers or journals, creating financial statements, and operating accounts for businesses, along with practices and examples to hone your skills. Plus, the bonus CD includes samples of bookkeeping forms, working papers, letters, resources, and spreadsheets.

Keeping track of transactions
Figuring out the balance sheet
Keeping a ledger and journal
Creating financial statements
Operating accounts for businesses
Recognizing assets and liabilities
Up–to–date tax information
Changes in small business regulations
Additional and complementary examples
Demonstration problems
True/false and multiple–choice questions and scenarios

Whether you′re a professional or a student looking to expand your skills, Bookkeeping Kit For Dummies is a one–stop resource for anyone interested in this ever–growing occupation.


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Introduction 1
<p>Part I: Basic Bookkeeping: Why You Need It 7</p>
<p>Chapter 1: So You Want to Do the Books 9</p>
<p>Chapter 2: Getting Down to Bookkeeping Basics 17</p>
<p>Chapter 3: Outlining Your Financial Road Map with a Chart of Accounts 39</p>
<p>Part II: Keeping a Paper Trail 55</p>
<p>Chapter 4: The General Ledger: A One–Stop Summary of Your Business Transactions 57</p>
<p>Chapter 5: Keeping Journals 81</p>
<p>Chapter 6: Computer Options for Your Bookkeeping 111</p>
<p>Chapter 7: Controlling Your Books, Your Records, and Your Money 121</p>
<p>Part III: Tracking Day–to–Day Business Operations with Your Books 139</p>
<p>Chapter 8: Buying and Tracking Your Purchases 141</p>
<p>Chapter 9: Counting Your Sales 159</p>
<p>Chapter 10: Employee Payroll and Benefits 191</p>
<p>Chapter 11: Employer–Paid Taxes and Government Payroll Reporting 213</p>
<p>Part IV: Preparing the Books for Year′s (Or Month′s) End 227</p>
<p>Chapter 12: Depreciating Your Assets 229</p>
<p>Chapter 13: Paying and Collecting Interest 243</p>
<p>Chapter 14: Proving Out the Cash 261</p>
<p>Chapter 15: Closing the Journals 277</p>
<p>Chapter 16: Checking Your Accuracy by Trial and (Hopefully No) Error 289</p>
<p>Chapter 17: Adjusting the Books 301</p>
<p>Part V: Reporting Results and Starting Over 317</p>
<p>Chapter 18: Developing a Balance Sheet 319</p>
<p>Chapter 19: Producing an Income Statement 337</p>
<p>Chapter 20: Completing Year–End Payroll and Reports 355</p>
<p>Chapter 21: Satisfying the Tax Man 365</p>
<p>Chapter 22: Prepping the Books for a New Accounting Cycle 373</p>
<p>Part VI: The Part of Tens 379</p>
<p>Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Manage Your Business Cash with Your Books...............381</p>
<p>Chapter 24: The Ten (Plus One) Most Important Accounts for Any Bookkeeper 385</p>
<p>Part VII: Appendixes 389</p>
<p>Appendix A: Glossary 391</p>
<p>Appendix B: About the CD 395</p>
<p>Index 403</p>

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        Bookkeeping Kit For Dummies