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What's Your Digital Business Model?

Six Questions to Help You Build the Next-Generation Enterprise

Ingenaaid Engels 2018 9781633692701
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Weill and Woerner provide a common language and a compelling framework to help companies assess the degree of threat to their business from digital disruption and, more importantly, to give them direction about what they should do.
Proven approach. Drawing from more than 50 workshops with executive committees, leadership teams, and boards globally, the authors have identified what works in helping leaders make successful changes to their companies.
Illustrative stories from global companies. The book will include personal stories from the many companies the authors have worked with and studied. The stories will describe how leaders are transforming their companies to thrive in a digital economy.
A simple but powerful integrating framework based on top-performing companies. The authors introduce a single framework to help executives understand where they are and where they have to go, and what best practices will get them there. The framework was derived from studying top financial performers and will be referenced throughout the book, showing how newly introduced concepts are linked.
Authoritative source. The book draws on the last 5 years of MIT CISR field-based research, executive education, facilitation, and advising. The authors have studied 50 companies with in-person interviews and over 1,000 companies using survey data. The authors empirically determine best practices and then translate them into advice for leaders using stories to motivate.
Self-assessment tools to motivate change. The first three chapters end with self-assessment tools to help readers benchmark against top performers. The authors have translated MIT CISR research findings on best practices into self-assessment tools so readers can assess the case for action in their companies and identify where to start.
All executives concerned with how their companies will thrive five years from now in an increasingly digital economy.
The more than 10,000 executives that receive MIT CISR monthly research briefings and the more than 1,000 a year attending MIT CISR events.
The audience of the more than 150 talks per year Peter and Stephanie give--many for MIT CISR patrons like Microsoft, IBM, BCG, and TCS.
Managers in larger incumbent companies facing digital disruption from startups and other industry players stealing the best parts of their businesses.
Board members, with their fiduciary responsibility, are increasingly important in the conversation about the role of digital in the enterprise--the future successes of their businesses are at stake.
Announced first printing: 20,000
Laydown goal: 5,000


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        What's Your Digital Business Model?