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The art of working soft

for entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals who don't have time to read this book because they're busy working hard

Paperback EN 2017 9789082027440
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'The art of working soft' is a business novel for entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals who don't have time to read this book because they're busy working hard. It shows you a different way of dealing with the complexities and challenges of work: by working soft.

Anna, Joris and Orlando are experiencing tough times. They all work hard: Anna as a freelancer, Joris as a manager and Orlando as a creative with his own shop and studio. But they're constantly short of time and always busy, busy, busy. One evening, they find themselves at a rock concert given by David, a singer, and his musical assistant Robin. Although Robin is by far the youngest, it turns out they can learn a lot from him. Because he has all the time in the world. Always. But what's his secret? What does he do that's different? In five simple lessons, Robin shares with them his knowledge on how to 'work soft', and the effects are striking. Manager Joris achieves astonishing results, David the singer reacts with skepticism, freelancer Anna discovers a completely new way of working, and Orlando never dreamed that he would...

About the author
Ellen de Lange-Ros helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs grow their business more quickly. She wrote the book 'A question of fans' (in Dutch) about online marketing and earning good money. When she discovered that a lot of entrepreneurs were not only suffering from a lack of clients but also a shortage of time, she was inspired to write this book, about making time and working soft.
Ellen completed her PhD at Twente University, the Netherlands, and worked at KPN, the largest Dutch Telecom Operator, in various posts. In 2006 she started her own company - Faxion. You can read more about Ellen and Working Soft on www.faxion.nl/working-soft.


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        The art of working soft