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Workforce Development

Perspectives and Issues

Gebonden Engels 2013 9789814560573
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This book captures the essence of current workforce development perspectives and draws on extensive global research to uncover a range of issues confronting organisations. Taking primarily an Australian outlook after the global financial crisis and tracing the progress of a national industry sector, each chapter delves into a major area of interest for leaders. Overall, the authors make the case that workforce development is an amalgam of activities influenced by context, politics and economic development.

As the world becomes increasingly connected and mobile, workforce development is proving to be a major activity for organisations because it impacts their longer-term survival and growth. To stay ahead, successful organisations focus on attracting, building, engaging and retaining talented people. However, in a financially turbulent era where strategy changes quickly, workforce development must not only plan and build the capabilities of people at work, but also contribute to making employment more socially sustainable for a better world.

This book provides a thought-provoking collection of scholarly work for business leaders, human resource practitioners and academics working in adult education, business, psychology and social science disciplines. At the same time, it adopts an accessible style for students and others who want to know more about the development of people at work.


Aantal pagina's:387
Uitgever:Springer Nature Singapore


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<p>1.   Exploring the Notion of Workforce Development <br>Roger Harris and Tom Short</p><p>Part I     Sustainability, Growth and Diversity</p><p>2.   Attracting and Retaining Staff: The Role of Branding and Industry Image <br>Michelle Wallace, Ian Lings, Ros Cameron and Neroli Sheldon</p><p>3.   International Developments in Skills Migration: A Case Study of the Opportunities, Threats and Dilemmas for Australia<br>Peter Kell, Ros Cameron, Deborah Joyce and Michelle Wallace</p><p><p>4.   Career Paths: Challenges and Opportunities<br>Neroli Sheldon and Michelle Wallace</p><p><p>5.   Skills Recognition and Recognition of Prior Learning for Workforce Development: Challenges and Possibilities <br>Lisa Davies </p><p>6.   Recognition of the Skills and Knowledge of Indigenous Employees <br>Katie Maher </p><p>7.   Women and Engineering: A Workforce Development Issue<br>Michelle Wallace and Neroli Sheldon </p><p>Part II     Human Capability and Capacity Building</p><p><p>8.   Transitions in Workplace Communication: Perspectives on the Efficacy of Formal Workplace Mentoring <br>Tom Short</p><p>9.   Building Workforce Competencies through Complex Projects<br>Andrew Sense and Senevi Kiridena</p><p><p>10.  The Developmental Role of Competence Assurance<br>Liza O’Moore, Lesley Jolly and Lydia Kavanagh</p><p></p><p>11.  The Challenges of Leadership in the Twenty-First Century<br>Tom Stehlik, Tom Short and Janene Piip</p><p><p>12.  Leadership Talent Identification and Management<br>Janene Piip and Roger Harris</p><p>13.  Literacy in the Workplace <br>John Benseman</p><p>Part III     Innovations in Learning and Development</p><p><p>14.  Coaching in the Workplace<br>Ros Cameron and Medhi Ebrahimi</p><p></p><p>15.  Contemporary Challenges in E-Learning <br>Kristal Reynolds, Karen Becker and Julie Fleming</p><p><p>16.  Simulating Work: Can Simulators Help Develop a Workforce? <br>Lydia Kavanagh, Lesley Jolly, Liza O’Moore and Gregory Tibbits</p><p><p><p>Part IV Looking Forward: Changing Perceptions and Possibilities</p><p>17.  Spirituality at Work: The Contribution of Mindfulness to Personal and Workforce Development <br>Leigh Burrows</p><p><p>18.  Evaluation in Workforce Development<br>Michele Simons</p><p><p>19.  Critical Perspectives on Workforce Development <br>Jim Stewart and Sally Sambrook</p><p>20.  The Future of Workforce Development – Old Wine in New Bottles?<br>Tom Short and Roger Harris </p>

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