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Conflict Management and Industrial Relations

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This volume contains a selection of the most notable contributions delivered at the research conference "Industrial Relations and Conflict Management: Different Ways of Managing Conflict," which was hosted by the Nether­ lands School of Business in July 1980. Held at Nijenrode Castle, the confer­ ence brought together an international gathering of thirty-five of the most distinguished scholars in these fields to present research papers and to en­ gage in round-table discussions. One of the principal aims of the conference was to explore cross-links and differences between the areas of conflict management and industrial relations in an international context. The book opens with a chapter by George Strauss, who provides an in­ troduction to and an overall view of the subject matter covered. The chap­ ters that follow in Part I deal with differing conflict conditions and defini­ tions and their implications for managing conflict. The manifestations of conflict and different modes of conflict management are the subject of the chapters in Part II. In Part III, three empirical studies of conflict are dis­ cussed. Part IV is concerned with comparative industrial relations, while value issues and conflict are the focus of Part V. Finally, in the Epilogue the participant feedback regarding the conference is reviewed.


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1 Bridging the Gap between Industrial Relations and Conflict Management: An Introduction.- I Differing Conflict Conditions and Definitions: Implications for Managing Conflict.- 2 The Conflict Carousel: A Contingency Approach to Conflict Management.- 3 Interface Analysis and the Management of Unequal Conflict.- 4 Problem Definition and Conflict Management.- 5 Decision-Making Processes and Conflict.- II Manifestations of Conflict and Modes of Conflict Management.- 6 The Process of Conflict Escalation and Roles of Third Parties.- 7 Manager and Mediator: A Comparison of Third-Party Roles Based upon Conflict-Management Goals.- 8 A Laboratory Study of Five Conflict-Handling Modes.- 9 Creative Conflict Management: How Bargainers Develop Integrative Agreements.- 10 Toward a Behavioral Model of Management under Collective Bargaining.- 11 Conflict Control and Industrial Reform: Three Approaches.- III Empirical Studies in Conflict.- 12 Determinants of Collective Bargaining Impasses: Effects of Dispute Resolution Procedures.- 13 The Aftermath of Strikes from the Perspective of Chief Negotiators.- 14 Further Testing of a Behavioral Model of Problem Solving in Labor Negotiations.- IV Comparative Industrial Relations.- 15 Conflict Management in Dutch Industrial Relations: An Analysis of Recent Developments, Trends, and Issues.- 16 Conflict Management in French Industrial Relations: Recent Developments and Trends.- 17 Management of Industrial Conflict in Britain during the 1970s.- 18 Conflict Management in the Austrian System of Social Partnership.- 19 Conflict Regulation in Self-Managed Yugoslav Enterprises.- V Value Issues and Conflict.- 20 Pressure, Protest, and Struggle: Some Problems in the Concept and Theory of Industrial Conflict.- 21 Ethical Concerns in Conflict Management.- Epilogue: Insights and Conclusions.- List of Conference Participants.

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        Conflict Management and Industrial Relations