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Communicatie en media

Betteke van Ruler

Strategisch communicatie frame II

Het Strategisch Communicatie Frame is al een decennium lang een belangrijke standaard voor communicatieprofessionals bij de ontwikkeling van zinvolle acties.

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Janneke van Heugten
€ 35,99
Chris Fenning
€ 20,00
Wouter Colpaert
€ 22,50
Monica Wigman
€ 39,95

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Esther van der Voort
€ 17,50
€ 13,95
Lena Skogholm
€ 22,99
€ 17,95
Patrick Petersen
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€ 13,95
Judith Smits
€ 14,95
€ 9,95

TOP 5 Communicatie en media

Klaar voor elke crisis
Tom Compaijen
Klaar voor elke crisis
Now we’re talking!
Frank Weijers
Now we’re talking!
Zelfverzekerd spreken
Gijs Nillessen
Zelfverzekerd spreken
Socrates op sneakers
Elke Wiss
Socrates op sneakers
The Culture Map - NL Editie
Erin Meyer
The Culture Map - NL Editie

Online magazine

Tips van de redactie

Mehdi Hasan
€ 24,99
Dolf Weverink
€ 25,00
Ralf Fleuren
€ 20,00
Chantal Schinkels
€ 22,99

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Tom Compaijen
€ 32,50
Herman Wegter
€ 24,99
Froukje Weidema
€ 23,50
Wim Daniëls
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e-bookNederlands9789460946240 1-1-1970
The power of a visual image is determined by a complex array of elements. Anyone who creates a page for a magazine, makes a PowerPoint presentation, designs a brochure, prepares a poster or dreams up an idea for an infographic is faced with some important questions: Why is it better to put this photo here rather than there?  Meer
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e-bookNederlands9789025906771 1-1-1970
In ‘Verbinding’ leert Sakyong Mipham de verloren kunst van het goede gesprek. ‘Verbinding’ staan vol praktische tips om beter te leren luisteren en begripvoller met de ander te praten.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9780306308420 1-1-1975
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gebondenEngels9789028605732 31-1-1975
Several formerly independent trends including the in­ creasing rate of technological change, the demand for greater efficiency and productivity in R&D and innovation, and the need for applying technology to the solution of pressing social and economic problems have recently begun to reinforce each other resulting in renewed interest in technology trans­ fer activities and research.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9780333359150 14-12-1983
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paperbackEngels288 blz.9780419130307 7-11-1985
Effective Speaking provides the hard scientific information about audience psychology, text preparation, presentation methods, voice production, body language and persuasive advocacy which will help would-be speakers improve their performance.  Meer
Verwachte levertijd ongeveer 8 werkdagen
paperbackEngels512 blz.9780745603865 2-6-1986
Here, for the first time in English, is volume one of Jurgen Habermas′s long–awaited magnum opus: The Theory of Communicative Action.  Meer
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paperbackEngels128 blz.9780906717462 1-1-1987
Verkooppositie Positie #360
'The Language of Meetings' is een cursus in de taal die wordt gebruikt bij internationale bijeenkomsten.  Meer
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PaperbackEngels9780419146605 24-11-1988
Effective communication is vital to science, engineering and business management. This thoroughly updated second edition with a new chapter on the use of computers and word-processors gives clear, practical advice illustrated with real-life examples on how to select, organize and present information in reports, papers and other documents.  Meer
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gebondenEngels9780471615477 15-3-1989
Is Your "Net" Working? A Complete Guide to Building Contacts and Career Visibility "This book is a masterpiece on networking. If you plan to stay in business, you can′t afford to be without this wonderful information.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9780883900314 7-6-1989
Your flip–chart expertise––or lack thereof––has a major impact on your success as a presenter and communicator. This practical handbook––filled with hints and illustrations––gives you the skills you need to use flip charts to their fullest extent.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9780471529484 1-11-1990
Among these outstanding writers/presenters are: Don Kracke, an advertising and marketing executive whose private sector proposals have resulted in millions of dollars of business from more than 30 major U.  Meer
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GebondenEngels9780313275692 23-6-1992
This reference book profiles corporate magazines, those sponsored by and produced for a single business firm. Entries are arranged alphabetically and each entry appears in additional appendixes which classify the profiled magazine by founding date and geographic location.  Meer
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paperbackDuits9783531124667 1-1-1993
Kann Image Gegenstand einer Public Relations-Wissenschaft sein? Es lohnt sich wieder, sich mit Public Relations zu beschäftigen. Das Tätig­ keitsfeld Public Relations ist zwar noch immer nicht ganz unangefochten, weder in der Wissenschaft, noch bei den Medien.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9780883903667 20-1-1993
Create top–notch presenters! When presenting ideas and concepts to colleagues or selling to customers, even the best idea can be lost in a poor presentation.  Meer
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PaperbackEngels9780195329681 1-1-1994
Business Communication: Concepts and Applications in an Electronic Age features short, varied, up-to-date readings by 38 business communication authorities in business, government, and academia.  Meer
Verwachte levertijd ongeveer 12 werkdagen
paperbackDuits9783531125527 1-1-1994
Immer häufiger stellt sich die Frage nach der Zukunft und der Bedeutung von Public Relations, dabei werden die Antworten im Rückgriff auf wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse und auf die praktizierten Normen sittlichen Verhaltens gesucht.  Meer
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paperbackEngels9781349137732 1-1-1996
New competition, technology and economics have changed the behaviour of markets and the practice of marketing. Customers are more discerning, and demand more quality, service and choice.  Meer
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