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The Execution Advantage

A No-Nonsense Guide to Turning Your Strategy into Results

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2023 9789493202337
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Success awaits those who can execute a powerful strategy; this book will show you how to unlock this ultimate competitive advantage

'The Execution Advantage' reveals the secrets of organisations that excel at strategy execution, by putting people at the heart of it.

Discover how these exceptional companies prioritise effectively, empower for action, embrace learning by doing, and successfully adapt to change. They acknowledge that humans do not always act rationally and that each organisation is unique. Their workforce turns their strategy into tangible results through focus, collaboration, and discipline.

This no-nonsense and start-to-finish guide will empower you to take action with confidence and boost your company's strategy execution. Benefit from:
- Clarity: uncover the big picture with the help of a straightforward and comprehensive, end-to-end framework
- Hands-on guidance: discover actionable step-by-step advice and easy-to-adopt tools that have proven themselves in practice
- Real-world inspiration: dive into vivid and diverse examples ranging from Amazon to Ikea to the Wildlife Conservation Society
- Holistic approach: learn to combine 'hard' factors such as resource allocation with 'soft' factors such as team effectiveness and organisational dynamics
- Reflection: use the thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter to apply its content to your company

By boosting your company's strategy execution, you will not only outperform your peers but also foster increased employee engagement, unlocking your organisation's full potential.

A winning strategy in business today is no longer a noun; it a verb. Flexibility and learning are keys to success in an uncertain world, which means shorter planning cycles, more experimentation, more honest reflection, and more frequent pivots. This marvellous and useful guide can help you implement the mindset and practices you need to get started - Amy C Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership, Harvard Business School; Author of Right Kind of Wrong: The science of failing well (Atria, 2023)


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The Execution Advantage - Turning Your Strategy into Results
Alexander Loudon 21 november 2023 Veel organisaties worstelen met de uitvoering van hun strategie. Volgens Alexander Loudon is dat doodzonde, want bedrijven die hier wèl goed in zijn, hebben een grote stap voor op hun concurrent. In ‘The Execution Advantage’ geeft hij tips hoe het ook anders kan.

Over Alexander Loudon

Alexander Loudon is een internationale strategieconsultant die met leiders en hun teams werkt om hun strategieën om te zetten in resultaten. In de afgelopen 15+ jaar heeft Alexander gewerkt voor bekende organisaties zoals Arla Foods, Korn Ferry, TotalEnergies en Vodafone, en in een breed scala aan sectoren. Voordat hij zelfstandig consultant werd, werkte hij bij Capgemini Consulting en het boutique strategie-implementatieadviesbureau Turner, beide bekend om hun strategie executie expertise. Voordat hij als consultant werkte, begon hij zijn carrière in marketing en verkoop, waaronder functies bij Dell en andere bedrijven. Hij is de auteur van twee managementboeken die in meerdere talen zijn uitgegeven. Zijn boek "Webs of Innovation" werd uitgegeven door Pearson in het Chinees, Engels en Spaans en werd geselecteerd als “book of the week” door The Sunday Times. "More Sales, Same People" werd uitgegeven door Academic Service in het Nederlands en Engels. Beide boeken kregen aandacht in verschillende media over de hele wereld. Alexander woont in Amsterdam, samen met zijn vrouw en drie kinderen in een huis dat ze zelf hebben gebouwd.

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Introduction: Strategy requires a new playbook 1

Step 1: Understand the Execution Advantage Model 17
Step 2: Adopt an inclusive approach and set a shared ambition 33
Step 3: Prioritise initiatives, make tough trade-offs 79
Step 4: Plan slow for fast delivery and empower teams 117
Step 5: Deliver results and adapt to changes along the way 157
Step 6: Adjust and learn 211

Conclusion: Act now 237
Epilogue – The illusion of the best way 241
Acknowledgements 247
Overview of how-tos by strategy process step 249
About the author 251
Endnotes 253

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        The Execution Advantage