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Transforming While Performing

Find your North star and get everyone to act in days not months

Paperback Engels 2023 9789063696726
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Help me transform while performing!

'Transforming While Performing' is a book for decision-makers, entrepreneurs, innovators and change drivers that realise the old methods of building plans and strategies for the future no longer suffice.

This book is a practical guide with real-life cases and stories that inspire, visuals that speak volumes and tools plus best practices that allow readers to co-create their future.

The book consists of three parts. Part one reveals how you can find your true North and build your vision, strategy and culture. Part two explain how you can co-create your strategy and engage your wider organisation. And in part three, you’ll learn how to transform yourself and your organisation, offering you inspiration on the personal, the business and cultural aspects of transformation.

In short the book will help you:
• Find your North Star, develop your strategic plan and get everyone to act in days, not months.
• Sense the world around you and transform while performing both as a person and a business.
• Turn transformation into a strategic capability.
• Unleash the power of 3: inspiration, visualisation and co-creation to spark imagination, maximise group genius and accelerate the process.
• Get inspired by real life cases and the visual tools.

The authors of the book worked for over twenty years at the headquarters of global technology giants and industry pioneers Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. They have first-hand experience with the challenges of working in organisations that are constantly transforming. As independent entrepreneurs, they currently provide advice to startups and organizations in all major industries around the world.

• Build your North Star, align your people and get everyone to act in days
• Turn transformation into a strategic capability
• Unleash the power of three: Inspiration, Visualization and Co-Creation with real-life cases and visuals
• Sense the world around you and Transform while Performing both as a person and a business


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Over Kristof Braekeleire

Kristof Braekeleire is a graphic facilitator, strategist and illustrator. He spent twenty years at Hewlett-Packard, ending up at the global headquarters where he was trained and seasoned as a visual strategist. In 2017 he started up JIXSO, a visual facilitation business, and the Visual Senseformers.

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Over Olivier van Duüren

Olivier Van Duüren is an international public speaker, executive whisperer, transformer, active investor and author. After 22 years in senior global executive positions at Microsoft, he left to start The Dualarity and the Visual Senseformers to help organisations to transform while performing.

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Part I Find your true north
1. The power question
What is the problem you are trying to solve?
2. The north star
Where are you going?
3. The current reality
Where are you today?

Part II Get everyone to act
4. The bridge
How do you get there?
5. Align, amplify and act
How do you create more impact?
6. The power of 3: inspire, visualise and co-create
How do you get everyone to act in days, not months

Part III Transform yourself & your organisation
7. Personal transformation: the anatomy of a transformer
How do you transform yourself first?
8. Business transformation: make it a strategic capability
How do you turn transforming into performing?
9. Culture transformation”: heartset, mindset and actionset
How do you start changing behaviours?

Bringing it all together: real-life cases
The power test
Downloadable content
About the authors
Thank you

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        Transforming While Performing